Zoe Saldana Taps into Harlem Nights while having a Vanity Fair

- By Bossip Staff

Zoe Saldana is always covering new territory especially in this spread with Vanity Fair magazine. She’s set to star in a new movie called Avatar that is costing a cool $350 million to produce. This chick is definitely banking and swirlin’.

Pop it for Pics…


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    Beautiful pics

  • Dominique Devereaux

    I love these especially the black and white one!

  • Monica

    she is beautiful, its so nice to see a Latin girl break the color lines. Get it girl

  • 420pimp

    damn!!! she is hot!!! i have always thought she was beautiful…she can get it anwhere, anytime and anyplace.


    I love it!

  • Christina

    She is so talented and beautiful. I’m going to go drown myself in jealousy now…

  • Soul Ese

    How is she swirling…. if she is Dominican she is already a mixed breed of Indigenous, African, Spaniard (European/White)descent.

  • Negorplease

    Again, Negroes falling for the OKEY-DOKE! Hispanics got hip a real long time ago to separate themselves from “BLACK FOLKS” even though the Caribean Hispanics got more NEGRO blood rolling through them than most African Americans. Enlightened Latinos in Academia know the real deal. It is just under-educated everyday Black folks who think LATINOs such as Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Cubans are “other” …NEWS FLASH..They are just Spanish speaking Black folks whose skin tone and hair textures run the gamut like most Black folks..As long as ignorant Negroes keep referring to them as SPANISH (which they are NOT..they are HISPANIC as in Spanish Speaking and NOT SPANIARDS as in people from SPAIN and of European descent) they will always be viewed as NOT HAVING AFRICAN roots…

    Zoe is a SPANISH speaking BLACK GIRL and she AIN’t TELEMUNDO material because of her Blackness..

    I don’t give a damn who she dates…

  • Anon3

    this photo shoot is a bit shocking since I have never seen Zoe with a Latin or African or African American boyfriend…suprised she even wanted to pose for these pics….

  • Anon3

    also Zoe was the one who said she was Blatino….apparently her father is Black and her mother is from the Dominican

  • mjs fanatic

    she look like jada pinkett

  • Negorplease

    Well, if she said she is BLATINO she is just as devious as the rest of them. The Dominican Republic and HAITI are on the same ISLAND..guards and guns keep people from crossing over. IF you knew and if she knew (trust, she does) the history of the Dominican Republic, then you/her would know that the “dictator” TRUJILLO wanted to F*CK the Black out of the Dominican people and invited Europeans to come and mate with their women to get as much Black out as possible. He hated Black skin and Black people..that is why DOMINICANS are more F*CKED up with skin tone and hair that the average Black woman who is weaving and straightening the hell out of her and her babies’ hair and Black men drool like dogs on the back of a meat truck for a light skinned long haired female.

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