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Women Of Color Blamed For Dividing The Women’s March

Why did all those white women vote for Trump?

Despite over 500,000 protestors showing up in DC and other Women’s Marches across the nation, activists within in the organization are complaining about something tearing them apart.

According to MIC News, women who protested wanted more women inclusion of racial, immigration and class issues within the white-organized event.

A Women in the World op-ed column suggests women who pointed out the limitations of the march had “hijacked” it because they were “bent on highlighting women’s differences.” Contributor Emma-Kate Symons said she was tired of women quibbling over trivial matters like “privilege,” “white feminism” and “intersectionality” — and yes, she put those words in scare quotes.

“It saddens me to see the inclusive liberal feminism I grew up with reduced to a grab bag of competing victimhood narratives and individualist identities jostling for most oppressed status,” Symons wrote.

Heather Wilhelm of the Chicago Tribune did one worse, calling the Women’s March an “intersectional torture chamber,” as if the very word “intersectional” — coined by feminist thought leader and civil rights activist Kimberle Crenshaw — was some kind of poison.

So, instead of recognizing that white women have hijacked the feminist movement for years without inclusion… it’s easier just to blame women of color. Seriously?



And this is how it ended:


What do you think of the divisions within the Women’s Movement?




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