Angel Lola Luv: You’ll Never Find… Blum Blum Blum Blum… a Hairline Like Mine

- By Bossip Staff

Angel Lola Luv, her five-head and Trina were out and about this past weekend in Atlanta. Angel is not having dreams with that five-head, she is watching movies in her sleep.

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Listen to what Mike Epps had to say about it…

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  • Menominee_Nation

    is this the new be-all end-all put down these days? man o man, people in this country should wish the most serious flaw they have to them is a SLIGHTLY higher forehead than “usual”…obesity is running at an epidemic rate, kids are getting diabetes like its part of puberty and they wanna talk about a CRAZY beautiful girl like that cuz of her forehead?

    whatever helps u sleep at night i guess.

  • sixfoota

    TOO much bondin’ glue. DAMN SHAME………………

  • http://bossip miss dior

    This girl looks like she comes from Africa…ethiopia, somalia.

  • yeayeayea

    she does come from africa.

  • Menominee_Nation

    @ miss dior, i believe i have read that she is indeed Ethiopian. nice call!

  • annmarie

    there is nothin wrong wit dis chick she pretty

  • nay

    oh so what every one has a flaw including who ever wrote this. Now a days people are trying to get surgery to fix what they think is wrong with them and end up looking ever worse. If she has a big forehead oh well. There is more important things to concern ourselves about like people starving and homeless.GET A GRIP!!!!!

  • jlove71

    Nothing wrong with her whom ever wrote the article must have gotten dissed!!!!

  • keke

    Trina is looking very pretty & so does Angel. Who gives a damn about her head!!She looks good. I wonder what the idiot who wrote this article looks like. You are knocking her for something she can’t do anything about. Please GET A LIFE!!!

    And….miss dior I thnink she is African.

  • dmariefashion

    hahaha yall stupid for saying that. But that was funny. Love Mike Epps

  • noelle


  • imhotep1984

    Angel do got a 5-head, but she’s still BAD. You don’t see chicks like her just walkin down the street.

  • Shannon

    I don’t see anything wrong with her forehead!

  • TEAM B

    Lola is pretty and ao isnt Trina. I wish Lola didnt rap though, she is horrible.

  • TEAM B


  • Fresh

    Whats wrong with a big 4head?…Tyra, Ri RI and many more got’em and they are all HOT!

  • http://Bossip Chitown

    She still looks pretty.

  • http://bossip miss dior


    what is the insult for?

  • WOW!!!

    Who keeps sayin that this chick Lola Luv is BAD!!!!Stop Playin…This chick obviously has sum kinda butt implants cuz her thighs aren’t big enough to support this plastic ass!! She has a pretty face but that butt is too much!! If this is what u call BAD then more power to ya!!!


    He wasn’t even talking about Angel in this thing. She looks okay. Trina didn’t look like herself though.

  • Monica

    Yo! That chick is fly. She aint my beloved Rihanna but she is pretty cute so dont make fun of her

  • Kigali (Sanjor's Little Helper)

    Beautiful girl. She needs to go back to Ethiopia for rehabilitation. She been hanging around too many black American females. So is corrupted.

  • imhotep1984

    @Kigali–I’m kinda ridin with you on this one (no homo). She’s a beautiful Ethiopian girl who acts like trash because of the company she chooses to keep. Kinda tragic.

  • Jay the Real One

    I like Angel suspect backs and all

  • dvinemrsshay

    speaking from the standpoint of a “big girl,” I really don’t think that’s the issue either. More like there are people trafficking humans in this country…people are smoking crack and everything else…we have people sleeping on the streets at night…all the ignorance in the world; that’s a problem. How much someone weighs, or how big their forehead is perceived is an issue for the individual to address, if possible πŸ™‚

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