Someone is Wearing Butt Pads or Has Some Newly-Found Backs!

- By Bossip Staff

Now, the only time her cake has been this full and plump is when this star was booty hole nekkid. In the last couple of days she has worn some accentuated clothes that show her round brown. We are not mad…

Guess Those Newly Found Cakes?

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  • Balls Deep

    If thoughs are new found cakes.. I want a slice.

  • Scoobie...also known as Scoobiesnax

    SMH @ newly found backs/ cakes…like she just saw them laying on the ground, picked them up and put them on.

  • drenk

    @ Bdot

    i heard yesterday she wore regular cotton undies, til a late nite trip to taco bell made her change em

  • Miss B

    Okay… enough of Rihanna. She’s cool but DAMN.

    “New Found Cakes” maybe she just gained some weight. Who gives a shit.

  • Miss B

    Are maybe she got implants. Hell everyone else in Hollywood is doing; she’s no different!!

  • Black Barbie

    They do sit reallllll low like the people that get implants’ asses. Probably got but pads.

  • Jena4rmthablock

    That’s wierd how you go from cakeless to birthday cake in a matter of days, shows you how fake sh*t is in hollywood…

  • bored

    @Chris Partlow (Dont Fret Boss. I Got U Covered. Quick & Clean, I Promise)

    Not over night it dont…Rihanna has competition and this chick will do just about anything for attention so here it is!

  • L

    Yeah she has on butt padz

  • undressingHER

    that’s definitely nice. i hope its not a pad though, that’s so………wack.

  • Cash Money Honey!!!

    Come on RiRi, you know you know packin like that.

  • Dnice

    Definitely pads. It looks like she is tootin it up extra.

  • sexy

    Na not Rihanna, ya know who the queen of butt padding is, BEYONCE! Ain’t nobody taking her crown with butt pads.

  • MIMI

    RiRi do your thang girl!

  • Vonne Loca

    Y’all can not be serious! Blogs posts pics of her practically every damn day. And for the past few weeks she’s been cakeless. (Exhibit A: When RiRi was wearing that denim dress and that blue hat-thingy back in July.) Now she has a booty and folk think it’s real? Come on now, it’s not likely she grew a butt in less than a month!

  • http://Bossip keri

    Mabey’s she’s taking shots at somebody, somethings going on she was crying yesterday. Tweets flying everywhere mabey dozens are being played on the low. People taking shots at people now twitter my a@# she seems to be showing the butt padds off today and yesterday.

  • kadian

    she looks grest

  • SKR

    Mayne its one thing to deceive about the tatas with pushup bras and whatnot but all these booty pads and butt implants gotts to stop! She already doin waayyy too much with all them tacky tats, damn hollywood turnin her out

  • theglosspost

    That has to be fake. Even if she is gaining a little weight, you usually don’t gain it overnight and in just one area. Must be padded undies or a little silicone.

  • http://Bossip taking shots

    She’s mocking Beyonce, you can tell she’s toot n her butt up intentionaly. todays pictures and yesterdays pictures it’s obvious something ain’t right

  • white male

    She already had boob job and two nose jobs, maybe she did get booty implants.

  • tray615301

    Damn, Rhi Rhi be in them streets dont she?! lol!

  • eveinthegarden
  • hector the booty inspector

    I meant the jackson family’s physical appearance

  • amel

    Rhianna looks like she’s trying to hard when her body was perfect as it was.

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