Florida step-father murders step-son after argument over a chili dog

Florida Crazies: Enraged Step-Father Fatally Shoots Step-Son In The Face After Chili Dog Argument

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Chili Dog Fight Leads Step-Father To Murder Step-Son In Front Of Mother

An argument over a chili dog has lead to a man’s untimely demise in a state where anything and everything heinous is possible…Florida.

According to the Daytona-Beach News Journal, a 68 year old step-father (Danny Holder) has been arrested for the murder of his 55-year-old step-son (Randall Lowen) after the two men got into a heated argument over the classic cookout fare.

Based on the report, Holder shot his 55-year-old stepson in the face as Lowen spoke to his mother Jackie Holder in the kitchen of their residence at the 6500 block of Shahab Lane on Monday about 8 a.m. The three, and an older brother Michael Lowen, share the house.

But family members said Monday that Holder and Lowen drank and argued “regularly.” In a phone interview Monday, Michael Holder said the men got along, “as long as they’re not drinking.”

Well, we’re not sure if they drink tequila for breakfast around the Holder-Lowen household, but Tuesday morning, the arguments persisted:

Tuesday morning as Lowen was getting ready to go to work on his landscaping business, he and Holder got into another argument. Lowen asked Holder what time it was and Holder responded, “You have a clock on the nightstand. Look for yourself,” the report states.

At that point, Lowen went to the kitchen where Jackie Holder was standing and she asked her son what the argument was about this time. Lowen began mimicking his stepfather and Holder walked into the kitchen and pulled out a gun, the report states. Jackie Holder told Lowen to run; she heard two loud bangs and watched as her son crumpled to the floor, the report states.

The the f**k is WRONG with the people in this state??!?!

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