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Here is a new track from your girl Bey produced by Polow Da Don called “Beautiful Nightmare”:

Enjoy, stans!

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  • SoSo


  • SoSo

    i haven’t heard the song yet but im sure its good

  • BlackGirlLost

    it’s aight…

  • adagsda

    he is charming. one of my friends told me she saw hid profile on a contraversial site, it caters to rich women seeking handsome and charming men. he want a sugarmomma support and spoil him.

  • That girl

    Watch out Rhi Rhi, I say she is trying to make it rain under her umbrella.

  • Reality

    Get’em Bey show these haters u can make it rain in any genre of music!!!Ppl can say whateva but that song is hot!!

  • MS. NYTX


  • Yall Seen this Yet?

    While Gyant, as usual, was vilified in the comment section, it seems like he was on to something because in a SOHH Ya Heard exclusive I got a letter passed to me early Friday morning from a very reliable source from the uncle of Juvenile’s daughter, Dwayne Deleston. And in it he makes some explosive claims.

    RE: Juvenile’s Hypocriticalness

    March 18, 2008

    To whom it may concern,

    I’m praying this information reach the right person to expose the truth about how Juvenile has used his deceased innocent daughter he ignored. My name is Dwayne Deleston and I’m the brother of Juvenile’s deceased baby mother Joy Deleston. It’s disturbing to know Juvenile never had a relationship with his deceased daughter but accepts the sympathy like he was a good daddy to the child.

    It’s not fair to the people who care. Juvenile and his family are receiving all the condolences like they cared about my sister and her kids. Juvenile didn’t have a father and daughter relationship with my niece. My sister tried for years to communicate with Juvenile and his family concerning Jelani since Jelani’s date of birth to Jelani’s unexpected date of death but Juvenile and his mother ignored his child.

    Several days before the tragedy Juvenile told my sister, “he did not want nothing to do with her nor Jelani so stop sending pictures to his mother’s house because his wife didn’t know about Jelani and he is making arrangements to pay the owed excessive child support.” Jelani was before Juvenile’s marriage so his wife should have accepted her.

    That message Juvenile sent to his child before her death was heart-breaking to her and my family, and our Lord is my witness. In the eyes of the Lord, Juvenile will weep what he sow because he did not have a reasonable reason to deny Jelani. His wife should ask him what else is he hiding from her.

    For Juvenile to tell his mother to ignore one of his kids is cruel and unusual for a grandmother to do as she was told. I’m revealing a reality check. Juvenile never spoke to his daughter, he never was there for his daughter when she needed him the most nor did he come to her funeral without a reasonable reason not


    Juvenile’s family was not at the funeral to show their sympathy. Juvenile nor someone from his family sent flowers nor a card nor called my mother to give their condolences.

    Juvenile saying, “he’s shocked and devastated” after hearing about my sister an her daughters death is hard to believe. Juvenile did a show hours after his daughter’s funeral in Augusta, G.A. The final moment his daughter was on earth he did not witness because he did not care about her. Juvenile said, “he is a star and he did not want the attention on him at the funeral. “I’m incarcerated and I made it to the funeral, thanks to the understanding Warden and staff who participated in making sure I was present at the funeral.

    Three innocent people was killed. These killings got my family puzzled but all we have to do is continue to have faith in our Lord. There’s a reason for everything and God knows everybody’s heart. Juvenile needs to apologize to his deceased daughter Jelani and Jelani’s mother for wrongfully ignoring Jelani when she reached out to him.

    Juvenile needs to realize what’s in his heart reflects on the outside. I greatly appreciate your condolences in light of my loved ones death. May God bless you.

    This information is to inform you, you gave condolences to Juvenile and his family but they did not love his innocent daughter that was murdered.

    Personally I feel Juvenile used everybody’s sympathy for his selfish means and its best for the people to know the truth. Juvenile ignored his innocent daughter without a reasonable excuse and I can not support someone like him.


    Dwayne Deleston

  • Fresh Perspective

    The song is stale as hell. It’s monotone and monotonous, but it will be a hit because it will be well promoted and she’ll have no clothes on in the video.

    That said, I’m still a fan! Do your thing Bey!

  • VeeZee

    Sounds kinda “retro”. ?????

  • ANON

    accurately describes most relationships

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    I think the masses are starting to realize that Beyonce’s appeal is no longer as strong….when I hear artist I want them to inspire me….show me some variation…she doesn’t do that….this song is boring and typical Beyonce

  • dubya

    I hate Beyonce but I really like this song. It’s great!

  • #1 STAN


  • Hey Hey

    The song is cute, but I don’t like how familiar it sounds though

  • jahfasta

    this song sound like every other song

    that she has ever done…..nothing different maybe the words….same beat, same annoying voice, dont make sense …..plain

    she sound like rihanna or rihanna sound like her

    either way their voice are annoying

  • Nia

    Thought this was produced by Timbaland

  • mjoylaw

    Don Polow might be an idiot but he gets around..he just produced C Breezy’s new track Forever too..ol yt gal lova!

  • Beyoncefan

    Wow love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go B!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    she should try stepping out the box a little like her sister. i can’t believe i’m saying that lol but i’ve heard some of solange’s new stuff and its really good. its creative and different and is reminiscent of why so many people love music. though i can get down to some of bey’s songs, they’ve been sounding the same to me for some time now. try something new

  • Reality

    Its great that bey can switch it up and do pop cuz thats where all the money is!!! Now if she just update her style some she is good to go!!

  • da darkness

    polo has another club banger. he don don it again. beat smashin nothing he do isn’t original, my dude is in his own lane

  • FNH

    Bey, cover up the cooch! Dont start actin like them white girls with ya crotch all out. Love ya tho! 🙂

  • liladge


  • da darkness

    who sayin “ho?” lol

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