Snoop Wins 50 G’s and Talks About His Football League… Where He Was Scrapping In a Scrimmage the Other Day Against Some Bloods!

- By Bossip Staff

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Snoop is seen in this video on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire from last night and he wins 50 grand for his football league. He also talks about the positive impact that the league has made on the youth in So. Ca., but Snoop failed to mention that just Tuesday he was about to scrap with some Bloods in Cerritos, California… on the football field:

This Bossip Exclusive is said to have gone down like this:

Snoop coaches teams by the name of Pomona Steelers and they traveled down to play the Cerritos Steelers in a heated scrimmage rivalry on Tuesday. (which is a usual thing) Snoop showed up to the scrimmage a few minutes late, but when he arrived he immediately jogged to the field and started coaching the teenagers. The practice game was heated and both sides were equal going into the fourth quarter. Both of the teams have parents who are from both sides of the fence and are old gang members or ex-gang members. “Supposedly” Snoop threw up a gang sign and said “something” in glee as one of his players had completed a good play. At that time, an onlooker from the opposite team’s coaching staff or sideline said something in reference to his Blood ties. When Snoop responded, the people started approaching The Godfather, but were stopped when Snoop’s 7′ bodyguard and others got in the way. A Crowd ensued on the middle of the field, but no punches were thrown. The scrimmage was ended on that note and everyone took off in their respective ways.

Luckily no one was hurt or shot for that matter. The part that pissed us off is that Snoop was on our home field and showed some immaturity by committing gang activity on the field with the kids. Get it together Pomona Steelers…see you next time.

These types of things need to be exempt from Snoop’s life. Since he means so much to the community now, he needs to represent more than a gang sign. His family and community activity with the youth says more about the man as a whole. This incident should be a lesson learned.

Snoop get at us, we will tell your side as well.

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  • MsRitaBabie


  • Miss B


    Snoop is so use to some things he probably didn’t realize he was even throwing a gang sign or slurred some words (unconsciene decision).

    Happy he is doing positive things in Souther Cali!!!

  • top ramen shotta

    not sure i buy it.

  • Charles

    Man take this loss and get lost



  • charlieblanko

    @Top Ramen…it’s true.

  • naija

    i agree .. he should grow up (if this is true)…

    i have seen him in chino hills and his wife. They seem to keep to themselves. and polite.

  • barb

    D: Rorshach. Final answer.

  • L/Dubb

    I’m one of the coaches on the opposite team and nothing like this happened. That goes to show don’t believe what people put on this type of website. If you were’nt there don’t speak on this man business. First of all they got the day wrong of the scrimmage it was Monday not Tuesday. We had a good time and the LA Demos were present as well. Piece out.

  • IN THE WORDS OF S....N...DOUBLE O...P D...O...Double G


  • Southern Cabbage Patch


  • http://BOSSIP mz_de

    I am glad to see the other coach step up and clear the air with THE TRUTH!!!! Stop always trying to make something out of nothing…the man has turned his life around…if not he wouldn’t make it to half the games he would be too high to go!!!!!!

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