Seen on the Scene: Weezy F. Baby & Nivea

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Lil Wayne, Nivea, and his stacked cups were all bunned up while kicking it at Noir in Atlanta last night. Lil Wayne is all up in that ear. We hope he was suggesting she get a new hair stylist, ’cause she’s looking rather countrified.

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  • mr mr

    I was at BNOIR last nite (nice spot by the way)…but GHETTO party!

  • mr mr


  • Ange

    OMG I’m 1ST!!! *faints*

  • Ange


  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    She looks like a light weight Delicious.

  • E. Junior


  • $moK.E.Y.

    She looks like a light weight Delicious.



  • bree

    i really didn’t know Nivea was sooooo ghetto..poor child..she has a great voice anyways.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    The rainbow weave is not kute!

  • Earth Sign

    Nivea is very pretty

  • circa-81

    Damn…they a good match. Got that rock star look going and all.

  • $moK.E.Y.

    I just noticed that NOW ‘n’ LATER colored part of her weave is doll hair texture but the black part is of a much coarser texture

    Rainbow Brite crossed with Buckwheat

  • *starlight*

    She’s been feeling this guy for a minute hopefully she can kick his bad drunken habit. as far as her hair it looks like skittles!!!

  • http://! JRiddles

    Uhmmm, I thought she was married to The Dream!

  • Southern Belle 225

    she looks just awful with that hair! yall already know how i feel about the “no homo” thug so i won’t go off on him today.

  • Tish

    To JRiddles..They got a divorce!! But a “light weight Delicious”… LMBBO!!!

  • Southern Belle 225

    and, isn’t he with Lauren London?

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Damn i thought he was back with his baby momma Latoya. SHe has him all over her mypsace page. Rocking his new song with Lollipop desgins.. He is so confused!

  • i2NvMe

    yes she does look like a mini me delicious..with a messed up bang..she needs to do something with that hair.. and wasn’t he supposed to be engaged to lauren london not too long ago..i could have sworn i saw that on here..

  • coi

    i thought nivea was married….and i kinda thought him and trina were tryin to work it out….he’s in everyone’s bed huh?

  • Shavon Denise

    Her and Dream issued a statement saying they were getting a divorce. My cousin went to a Dream concert in Cali before the statment was issued and he said he wasnt acting like he was married AND he brung his new J.O. to the Grammy’s so Nivea get yo original man back. Wayne has had a couple of touching songs about Nivea and he admits that he messed up in the relationship and wants her back soo… Shoot this dude is 10x more famous AND talented than Dream so Nivea do your thing and make a man outta lil’ Weezy.

  • serene

    don’t know what she sees in him besides dollar signs.

  • checkoutmystatus

    She look like “Thing 1 and Thing 2’s missing sister”


  • Trini Chica in BK

    @ checkoutmystatus

    She must be Thing 3…LOL

  • bree

    @ Shavon Denise

    Wayne may be more FAMOUS then The Dream, but more talent? should google The Dream, every song he has written is a banger, whether it be for him or another artist..

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