Que on Fidelity: “Everybody Thinks I’m Cheating on Dawn.”

- By Bossip Staff

In a recent interview, Que touched on the subject of cheating on Dawn.

Que states that he and Dawn are very happy together and if he did cheat he wouldn’t be able to lie about it:

“Everybody thinks I’m cheating on Dawn. Me and Dawn are very happy together,” Que told S2S on Monday. “I’m not cheating on Dawn. I love that girl!  I would never cheat on someone so special to me.”

I have a conscience. If I was cheating, I wouldn’t be able to lie. I’d be on ‘Maury.’ ‘You are guilty,’” he laughed. “We know we’re not cheating on each other. It’s an honest love.”

We love each other. It’s an honest relationship and I think people just are talking and they want to figure out what’s going on in our relationship,” Que said. “When people are happy, there are going to be people trying to push negative energy to [them].

Yeah Que, that really set us straight. If we believed the “honest” love and word of every celebrity couple, Weezy wouldn’t be the “father to be” of 2 women and Diddy wouldn’t be the father of two women who gave birth one after the other! Cheating is an industry standard that we’re sure you’ve become accustomed to that! Nice way to try and save your image though.


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