Kanye Tried to “Catch Fade” With the Paparazzi… Again?

- By Bossip Staff

When we showed pictures of Kanye West and Amber Rose shopping in Soho yesterday, we thought they had a good old time and that no incidents occurred; WRONG. Yeezy started cursing at the paps that were following him and invited them over for a “dance.”

Pop it and peep

In the new Run This Town video, Kanye states that he feels like he is running. Well, if he attacks another pap, they will make sure he doesn’t run far…in that cell.

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  • honest

    1ST SNITCHES. i dont know how i feel about this amber rose girl. feelings pending… she’s pretty though….

  • honest

    why did kanye get mad at the paps for taking pictures when she was wearing a string on the beach? dont seek attention then get mad when you get it. hmmmmmm clarify kanye… please!

  • drenk

    kanye isnt tough, if i was a pap and kanye started cursin at me id just laugh

  • darealwifey

    The paps are ALWAYS crossing the lines with these celebs. They do some shady stuff to get the images they get. Climb fences; peek into bushes on private property; stand in front of the cars so the celebs can’t drive forward; stand in front of them on the sidewalks while they are walking, so they can barely get where they are going. And have you heard the kinds of questions they ask? The paps are always out-of-pocket.

    Honestly, I’m surprised none of these sidewalk thugs have been more seriously injured by an angry celeb or close-acquaintance of a celeb. There should be laws against this. It’s nothing more than legalized stalking.

  • tb

    Amber loves the attention…after all, she is famous for nothing.

    Why is it Amber never has a purse with her? Must be nice having a dummu spending all his stacks on her.

    Never knew it was possible to be knock-kneed and pigeon-toed at the same time.

  • Lady J

    Uh-o….K didn’t take his “happy pill” today…

  • bman

    yo Amber not black, wow!

  • Rumi

    Black people are so stupid. You remember the line where Kanye is running but forget al the blasphemous statements the camel made?

    “we have bank full of cheddar and you got a table full of men”

    The Last Supper

    Yeah, okay.

    “It’s the return of the god
    Peace god…”

  • charlieblanko

    Back On My Swag

    @charlie blanko…i see you like to amuze yourself – I know you wrote that!



  • DayShifter

    K needs to chill on that sh*it before he gets in trouble again… He should know, this is how the business works, you don’t like it, get out!!

  • Monica

    Why he so angry. If I was hittin amber I would have complaints. EXCEPT WHO DIDNT CLEAN THE ELECTRIC SHAVER. but thats it. God is good to you Kanye.

  • michael savage

    his momma would be proud lmao!

  • actright

    I don’t get why he is mad when he parades his girl around. He would like people to notice without noticing…..LOL. Like the flicks on the beach, she has her tats and bootie all out, big cheese smiling and Kanye is over there looking alike a food arguing at the paps for taking pictures. Who is the busted one here…….

  • white male

    Kanye is pretty tough for a 5’4 guy

  • champhf

    i dont understand this type of thing…first you work your whole life to be famous..but when you become famous you dont want people to recognize your famous?
    its like someone learning how to paint then gets mad when people think you can paint..

  • Mikado7777777

    Don’t call it swag-it’s buffoonery

  • cookielp

    I’d danced with the ni99a. Your money can’t teach your wack-a** to fight. Your bread need a trainer for that one Kanye. LOL! I love his tracks though. Can’t blame the paps for your success homeboy.

  • amber rose LOOKS BETTA than uuuuuuuuu


  • http://stevemattjackson@yahoo.com olskool

    Started cursing the “Pap”, and invited them to dance??!!!…hhmmmmmmm…I wonder what exactly triggered that???!!! Could it be that they told him some STUPID *%ISH along the way, being disrespectful in his lady’s presence?!!…Hell, I ain’t mad atem’..!!

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