Ho Sit Down: Pastor Manning Returns

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We know everyone has been missing this character. Your boy Pastor Manning with all his preacher swag had a chance to condemn his brotha, Barack Obama, on Fox last night.

Is it just us or Pastor Manning doesn’t make any damn sense? The sh*t is funny though.

If you missed Manning’s classic ’54 Double D’ sermon which caught the attention of that shady Fox News, Click here

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  • Bozo D. Clown

    He’s a damned fool…

  • Kitty Katt

    This is exactly why black people cant go any further than where they are. they keep beating each other up!When is this madness going to stop?

  • crazy black lady

    it’s funny as hell! how much money did the clintons give this sambo?

  • Bozo D. Clown

    And when I say “damned fool”, I mean that literaly…

    This fool managed to make Sean Hannity look like a reasonable human being… How is that possible?

  • Bozo D. Clown

    One more thing. If this idiot thinks that girl is a “54 Double D”, then he has NO IDEA how women determine their bra size… But wait, that wouldn’t make him much different from most guys… Would it?

  • Doagae

    @ Crazy Black Lady…..I am with you on this. We did not start hearing from this azz-jerk till Clinton started losing this race…..I guess people can be bought off at any price for any reason…..

  • Rap Is For Losers

    Not only is he a moron, he is even dumber for agree to show up on FOX news to try to defend himself. The biggest morons are the ones in his ‘congregation’.

  • keke

    I will be glad when we stop giving this man a place to make his point which he has none. God is not even listening to this nonsense. I,ve seen one sermon on this man and do not have to see anymore to know what he is sayinhg is rubbish. You are a man of God what in the hell are you looking at another woman besides your wife thats if you have onwe to determine another womans bra size. that tells me hes in the pulpit staring all the women down probally saying in his head while he was doing a sermon what he could do with what he sees. his eyes should be set on doing the will of God Instead of looking at those big dd’s them double dd’s are going to send this so called preacher to hell.

    Have a good day

  • I'm Just Me

    JIGABOO to the 10th POWER!!

  • TJ Alex

    This brought tears to my eyes. We as people will never be able to come together. Other races don’t have to break us down, we’ll do it to ourselves. He is IGNANT! He is not a man of God. I feel sorry for his MOTHER!

  • Jerome

    You know preachers are just straight yp crazy! Most of em have a God complex and are the dumbest egomaniacs walking the earth. Anybody today can wrap a collar around his neck and call himself a preacher. And their will be plenty of mindless gullible people following after them.

  • EmpressRuthie

    It is idiots like that, who make christian people look bad. Get his ignorant behind out of here.

  • elle

    To hear this man speak almost sickens me, so I guess I’ll be eating eggshell soup with pigeon droppings on the side.

    The ignorance is amazing, nothing that he states has any factual denominator, he’s simply using his microphone to spew ignorance.

    Although my eyebrows lifted when he spoke about us being enslaved for over 500 years and Mexican will be paying our salaries his approach to what could be a powerful platform is deflated with ignorant rhetoric.

    a shame

  • werm

    This isn’t as funny as it is scary because somone actually believes him! People follow this guy and he has influence over the actions of others. And let me play devils advocate. Was Hitler Trash???????? And if he wasn’t “born trash” Then Will Smith’s comments make a lot of sense.

  • d

    ^^they will put ho sit down for anyone who disagree’s with barack or him being president

    this man is a fool and barack’s pastor is a fool.

  • Pistol Pete

    hannity & colmes r the most racist mofos on fox but hannity is over the top.

    hannity & oreilly will feel the wrath of god one day and melt on the spot

  • elle

    @ d

    That’s just their motto…ok

  • Golden

    I was one of those people laughing at this fool at first but it is not funny anymore. He is a sick sick man. And coming under the banner of Jesus makes it doubly sick.

  • I Know

    He makes Sean Hannity look good.

  • antiprocrastination

    Fox had no relevant reason to have him on the show.

    It was all in the plan to keep the pastor story and racism going in the campaign, because the polls have come out showing Obama bouncing back from the 10-day lynching the media gave him.

    Don’t sleep Hannity almost look as if he was smirking when defending Obama. He’s fake as they come.

    White folks should know that when you try to hold blacks down like they are doing, it brings us stronger and closer together. Manning, Bob Johnson, Majic, etc excluded.

    Don’t be distracted and led astray by the Republican tactics.

    We got this! Obama 2008!

  • Youngblood

    Pastor Manning must not realize that the only reason Sean Hannity had him on the show was to make a bigger fool of him than he already is.The minister of Youtube. What a fool!

  • I Know

    Selma happened 4 years after Obama was born, they didn’t meet there!

  • Karen

    What’s really sad about the way he keeps going on about Obama’s parents is that THEY’RE BOTH DEAD!

    As if this type of hate-filled, ignorant speech coming from the pulpit isn’t bad enough, imagine someone calling your dead parents TRASH…

    …and for what? All because he lied about where/how they met? BTW, I don’t recall Obama saying that…guess I missed that one, huh?

  • Donald R. King, posting as Bones Jordan

    @ Karen, you nor I……. but Fox news aired it so it must be true right???! GTFOH and take this coon with ya. Not you Karen just in general.

  • K

    Typo* I have no idea!

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