Video of TI Statement on Weapons Guilty Plea

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a video of TI’s press conference from yesterday.

For more on what went down yesterday in the ATL, Click here.

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  • # 1

    FIRST! I bet 1,000,000,000 He gets into some more S#!@. He will never learn.

  • PeepEye

    Justice is always for “sale” in America! You have to make sure that when you commit a crime, you have the stacks for a great team of lawyers to defend your dumb ass!

  • PeepEye

    I can’t wait to see all those public service announcments T.I. is going to make about guns and violence. Yeah, right!!

  • Dominique

    he looks good in that suit.

  • Dayum Right!


    Justice is always for “sale” in America! You have to make sure that when you commit a crime, you have the stacks for a great team of lawyers to defend your dumb ass!”


  • I'm Just Me


    I don’t 100% believe him though.

  • network guru

    hmmm….thanking God….how original…..I’ll bet he wasn’t thinking about God when he was trying to buy those assault weapons……

  • Born

    …. pray he stays out of trouble cause it will be all over for him for sure, you don’y need the street that make T.I. God blessed you, take the hint.

  • circa-81

    @ network guru

    it’s a god given right to bear arms.

  • circa-81

    I was reading an article about the banning of fully automatic weapons being unconstitutional, and if I am not mistaken the NRA is fighting to overturn that law. It wouldn’t have helped him out because he is a felon though.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @network i heard him do his “speech” this morning on the radio and it sounded so un-sincere like he was reading or had memorized it. You know God wasn’t no where in the picture when he was trying to do his “purchase”.

  • PeepEye


    …. God blessed you, take the hint.

    LOL, you are so right, but many times God has to slap the hell of some people to get them to do right! Whop them on the head with a big 2 x 4 stick!!

    T.I. escaped a bullet here. He’s lucky that his lawyers want their hefty legal fees and the court wants the $100,000 fine money that he will have to pay, otherwise his little skinny ass would be rotting in jail for many years to come. If he was a broke brotha, that’s exactly where he would be.

    I bet the judge got a little “bribe” for letting T.I. have a second chance!! I don’t even have to bet, I know he did.

  • bree

    i can’t see bcuz im @ work..

    @ dominique- he ALWAYS looks good in a suit

  • guilty pleasure

    Big things poppin……

  • elle

    another talanted brotha in jail…

    another child without their father.

    and he’s really lucky.


  • Dominique

    @ bree

    Girl i know,T.I is so handsome.



  • circa-81

    @ Its6amhoGetOut

    Leave that snitch ethic back in 2007, Pimpin’.

  • Its6amhoGetOut

    6am, new money source!

  • circa-81


    I ain’t one of you youngin’s so I really don’t know about some stop snitchin’ campaign. It’s the priciple’s that you receive growing up. Nobody respect’s snake, backstabbing snitches or thieves. And as far as your disrpect for the brotha’s downsouth go; it looks like you fall into the category of “coonin” with those remarks about southern dudes. Let them get their money, Pimp, that’s not your culture so you wouldn’t understand it unless you had a diplomatic mind and an attitude that didn’t condemn people because they are successful. Leave the jealousy. It’s not them that make black people look bad it’s the fools like you in society that make those stupid blanket statements because for some reason you think they make you look bad. NY is done for the moment….it will be back soon. Stop whining….and for that matter stop snitching. You can get yourself in a world of trouble like that.

  • Detroiter4Life

    He straight dodge a bullet let’s hope he’s learned his lesson and changes his mentality because if he doesn’t change his way of thinking he will find himself into another jam such as this! I hope it’s not the case I really liked him in ATL and think he could really do something in the movie business!

  • Its6amhoGetOut

    @ Circa-81, sorry to step all over your “gators”

    6am I love you all, but never try and school me when I’m spouting the truth!

  • Uncle Ben

    Good for TI I hope the youngin learns from this ish. We don’t need another brotha in jail! If that stuff for the kids is real and touches one young mind it will be worth it! And so what if he got the money to keep himself out of jail my mums gave me the good sense to keep me out of jail too so I (and you!) don’t need to get mad…

  • Uncle Ben

    @ 6am I dont agree with you king but I respect your argument… Way I see it bad people should get punished, stupid people should get taught, both can commit crimes. Jail aint the only answer…

  • Its6amHogetOut

    @Circa-81, you and these rappers need to seperate reality from a rap video.

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