*Exclusive Floyd Mayweather Jr. Part 3*: “Most Good Boxers are Latin and Black…White Boys Lack. I Call a Spade a Spade Bossip!”

- By Bossip Staff

We chopped it up with “Money Making” Floyd Mayweather Jr. again. The dude is down to earth and trying to turn a new chapter in his life. It’s called maturity:

Bossip: What Up Floyd? How you living man?

Floyd: I am doing good… no complaints. Getting ready to get to work with my training.

Bossip: Nice… Is that rib injury all the way healed? Be honest with us…

Floyd: It’s healed…totally.

Bossip: Good. Hey, we asked our readers on Twitter what questions to ask you. Here are some of them…”What would Floyd Mayweather Jr. be doing if he was not a boxer?”

Floyd: Floyd would probably be an entertainer of some sort, if not boxing, something else. I love being in front of a crowd and performing. My family is tight and if we were involved in another part of the entertainment business, I think we would be successful anyway. We are positive people. Media outlets try and bait me, but they know I am far from negative… and Bossip, you know that eats them up. That’s why certain endorsers hate a brother.

Bossip: “Who are you chopping down right now?”

Floyd: No one… Floyd is so focused on my training right now. I don’t have time. That rumor about Tiny was false. I think TI is a pretty good rapper and wish him and his family nothing but the best. Floyd is not making sweet love to anybody else besides this speed bag right now.

Bossip: “Why don’t you stop making it rain in the clubs?”

Floyd: I have. From now on, we are only giving away money to people less fortunate and people in need. I feel I can make a difference in so many people’s lives beyond boxing. I want to give to those that need it now. Being at the age that I am now, my kids are really influential to me and them always wanting to do the right thing is inspiring. So, we don’t make it rain in the “scrip clubs” anymore, now we make it rain at the shelters for the homeless, battered women, and abused kids.

Bossip: That’s what we are talking about. Good to see you doing the right thing with your money now!

Floyd: Praise God and my children.

Bossip:  We read an article during the week calling you “racist” because you said something like “only blacks and Latins can box..white boys are far and few between right now,” or something to that effect. Do you want to comment on that?

Floyd: First off, let Floyd start off by saying…”I-am-not-racist.” Secondly, what I said is the truth. White boys can’t box right now. All the best fighters are Latin or Black. We dominate the sport of boxing. MMA is for beer bellied bar brawlers who don’t care about brain damage and technique. Sorry Bossip, I call a spade a spade. The great white hype theory is true…

Bossip: Any predictions on the upcoming Marquez fight Floyd?

Floyd: Just tell Bossip readers to tune in. It will be a good fight. Marquez is not a punk and is a great fighter. I am looking forward to a good fight. He represents hard to the Mexican fans… and I can appreciate that, but he will lose to “Pretty Boy,” it’s inevitable.

Bossip: Cool, thanks for your time again brother. What did you think of the articles we put down with you already?

Floyd: Unbelievable. Unlike other media outlets, you are not trying to bait me in. It’s like speaking to a friend or something. You are one of the only media outlets that has not doctored our interview and made me seem like a bad guy. Thanks man…

Bossip: Now, about those tickets Floyd…

Floyd: You are breaking up… I gotta get back to training. Talk to you next week Bossip.

We “think” Floyd may beat up Marquez for the whole 12 rounds because of Marquez being such a tough cookie; nevertheless, this should be a great fight.

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  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Khristal

    If I ever met him in person..I swear I would try to pick his pickets! lol

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    Floyd if you are reading this HOLLA! I love this guy!

  • Baghdaddy

    Floyd is the Truth

  • bman

    and not only boxer BLACK MEN THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

    I am proud to be African-american!


    *********MY NAME IS MIDDLE EARTH*********I COME TO RID THE WORLD OF THE EVIL KNOWN TO MAN AS LIQUID************BATTLE FOR SUPREMACY***************OCTOBER 31, 2009*****************LIQUID vs. MIDDLE_EARTH*************BATTLE FOR SUPREMACY****************


    I looove his style!!!!

  • Hannibals Dad

    WHAT RECESSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    You waist money…I am frugal and save my money. But opposites attract, we can make it work LOL

  • charlieblanko

    Me too Bman. Floyd said what black people have been wanting to say about MMA and boxing for years.

  • Audacity of Dope

    Get em money

  • Jay the Real One

    MMA took over for boxing because boxing got boring and greedy and took itself off free tv. Plenty black folks love mma.

  • Jenn

    Oh, and unemployment is a joke!! They sent us 4checks and then told my husband that he was ineligible so we have to pay the money back!!

  • charlieblanko

    Jenn, did you get emergency aid? Food stamps yet? They do pay retro, but initially starting up is hard. The workers don’t call you, because they are hoping you go away. You gotta bug them.

  • Jay the Real One

    This dude is an idiot.

  • Ci-Error

    MMA is waaaay better and more skillful than boxing. Floyd would get destroyed in the ring with an Anderson Silva or a George St Pierre. puh-leeeease

  • charlieblanko

    Anyone would get destroyed by Anderson Silva and everybody that stepped up to that brother has failed, hard! I respect anderson. He is a total beast!

  • somedude

    PLease!!! coming from sombody that Boxes and did MMA …MMA is nowhere near the level of skill that boxing takes. If that was the case you would see MMA guys leaving and gettin that boxing money ….The reason they are in MMA is because they could not make it in boxing or K1 level kick boxing ….ohh yeah Anderson has destroyed all the white mma gods and deep inside he wants roy jones cause nobody else in that chicken coop ring can beat him

  • blabla

    … and east european. why? because they all have flat noses. white people dont what their noses to be squashed down.
    no hating, just a fact.

  • Jenn

    I did apply for PRC for help with my utilities and food assistance and that took like a month and a half to go through so by then I start messing with the loan sharks I mean payday loans to make it through….needless to say they gone have stand in line to get they money back..shh we had to eat. My family was low income even when my hubby was workin but we tried to make it through without the help of the county the only thing I took from them disrespectful, life drainers was daycare and medical for the kids. I refused to apply for stamps as long as we was above water, so I faxed the foodstamp app to the medical case worker who then told me she would pass it to the emergency area because of the situation. Whoever this new worker is mad at the world becuase she sent my faxed application back to me(7/9/09) along with a new application and told me it had to be on that paper??? WTF, did you not read emergency assistance on the F’g paper! So I filled it out, literally right after I got it and mailed it. I called the workers supervisor yesterday and left her 4messages at the end of the day I called the govmt umbudsman (don’t know if I spelled that right) office for help so maybe I’ll know something Monday. I’m just f’d up right now and the emergency help ain’t coming how it should..I mean why call it emergency help if no one will get at you ASAP

  • change the quote... RACIST

    ”I-am-not-racist.” Secondly, what I said is the truth. Black boys can’t do math, science or speak proper English right now. All the best students are white. We dominate colleges and the corporate world.

    Hey Floyd, how that sound?

  • bman

    Black boys can’t do math, science or speak proper English right now. All the best students are white. We dominate colleges and the corporate world.

    good for u white boy lol!

  • Jenn

    I never thought off it like that…you racist and Floyd’s comments was a lil racist but you both were honest. Damn, SMH at the fact I just agreed with a redneck. We, I gotta help the young black boys in my area.

  • Chris Partlow (Dont Fret Boss. I Got U Covered. Quick & Clean, I Promise)

    Floyd is dat dude!!! Cotto and Packman dont want it!!!

  • bman


    ok bro!

  • charlieblanko

    naw jenn. For every black boy that is not good in school, five are. The same for what floyd said…there are good white boxers, but he was speaking generally. I think that is an untrue statement about black youth. They are in college, doctors, and lawyers. White champions in boxing are harder to come by than successful black men.


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