Who Looked More Bangin???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rihanna and Nia Long attended Nickelodeon’s 2008 Kid’s Choice Awards this weekend in LA.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin???

View many more images from this event under the hood…

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  • 17 n luvin it

    hmmmm,i dont like either one.

  • 17 n luvin it

    but i would say nia

  • 17 n luvin it

    keke palmer looks nicer then both of them

  • fifi

    rih rih killed it….she is sooooooo haute!!!

  • amber86

    Nia Long! Oh yeah 7th!!!

  • Lisalisa

    Nia Long looked better

  • Chofra

    dominatrix (Rihanna) + kid’s awards = makes no sense to me.

  • Tiffany

    Rihanna of course…. Jada Pinkett’s little girl is tooo cute!

  • NEEK





  • http://www.cnn.com Billy "WhiteShoes" Johnson

    Rihanna wins it for me with her light skin ass, but I would prefer a Rihanna, Beyonce and Nia sandwich. Now that would be hot!

  • Smilebme

    Nia. She’s too cute, and it looks effortless.

  • http://www.cnn.com Billy "WhiteShoes" Johnson

    Trcey Edmonds has lost a LOT of weight man. Needs to get back to sucking on some ribs…

  • http://www.cnn.com Billy "WhiteShoes" Johnson


  • SW10

    awwwwwwwwwww will smith’s kids are so cute.

  • Black Beauty

    Nia Long. Classic beauty. Her son is so cute.

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Sugar Walls


    SHE is crushing Riahnna! Whoever said that She isn’t..WTF?? Nia is 37, and look everybit of 27..DO IT BIG ..water sign(she is a scorpio)

  • Lola

    Both ladies looked nice, but I am not feeling Rihanna’s pants, so Nia.

    I agree, KeKe is killing it as well!

  • MissM

    Nia for sure!! I got the same Marc Jacobs dress so of course she looked better than riri!

  • He's Presidential

    Rhianna, Nia looks like she is squinting. I dont like the dress. I like all the family pictures. I think all the kids are just too cute.

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Oh yeah…Eddie’s wearing the gayest shirt EVER.

  • http://www.GOTSTRONG.com I ride a bicycle.....wanna join me ?


  • http://www.anythingblack.wordpress.com www.anythingblack.wordpress.com
  • Make the haters my motivators


    rihanna looked so damn GOOD. she always make it rain on any hoe on the red carpet.

  • Tone

    just now when i looked at the two pictures side by side i hardly even noticed Nia. Rihanna completely stole my attention. She’s so eye catching.

  • Rotex

    Wow, rihanna’s style has realll changed. They both look beautiful!

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