Isn’t He Married???? Snoop All Cozy with Some Broad in France

- By Bossip Staff

Wow. This dude ain’t sh*t. This is the second time Bossip has had to put this guy on blast, but unlike before, this doesn’t look like it’s a video shoot. SMH. For real.

Pop it for about 8 more pics of Snoop looking like he’s ready to chop this lady down right on the dance floor…

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  • charmingme22


  • LondonLady

    aww u beat me


    He snoop doggy dog for a reason. Do you snoop wid ya old azz self!

  • Wenzel Dashington

    He looks so happy.

  • Mock Rock Star

    I guess they have an open relationship or he’s going through a divorce…

  • MissOvahness

    He is just too ugly… Jay-Z looks much better in my opinion.

  • as seen on t.v.

    Seeing this kind of stuff has to hurt his wife…She can say that she doesn’t care and that as long as he brings the money home to her it’s okay…but she’s not made of steele and seeing your husband being so intimate with another woman has to have some affect on her…if she says other wise she’s lying….

  • as seen on t.v.


  • Get Get Get...


  • Me-Me

    I just think he could have did a better job at keepin it low key, but we will get the story in 5 secs about their marriage being over.

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    SMH… he doesn’t care. He has cheated on his wife many times before, so no surprise here.

  • AYoB!

    is that usher in the background of the 2nd pic?

  • sixfoota

    He’s been doin this for years

  • Renee

    The girl he’s cheating with is ugly. And has a shark mouth. Just because their light, don’t mean its right.

  • Renee

    she looks stinkin

  • iolastar

    Not sure if his wife is ok with this. She may look at it like they were just dancing (blank stare), but how do you explain this to the children?

  • bryant


    Yes that is Usher.

  • shaeshae

    Some things I never need to see, like Snoop hiding a woody from the cameras. Bleah.

    Oh and I see Usher is chillin’ too. I guess it ain’t fun unless the homies get some. LOL

  • Jade Hummingbyrd

    That IS Usher in the second pic, but he’s already filed for his divorce so he’s in the clear. I would like an explanation for Snoop’s behavior though. He’s been VERY blatant with the disrespect lately. People who are married and plan to stay that way don’t act like that.

  • browyneyes

    Pls Snoop is a PIMP. Dont you think his wife knew he had tricks all around california before they got married, and then it increased after he was hit with the stardom. Get a life and leave the man alone, that goes to all the people on here hating on him for his money making ways.

  • Sydney™

    Doesn’t he have children, including a daughter?

    I keep forgetting he’s a father. Go figure. . .

  • Sydney™

    Wait, I just read that Brandy is his cousin. I didn’t know that. Wow, she’s related to some mega-trifling men. . .

  • M. DOT

    the man is just having a good time….but yeah, his wife definitely won’t like these pics…oh well.

  • olsweetdickwillie (WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO?)

    @atl_finest… are you male or female??

  • Sydney™

    “the man is just having a good time…”

    I would like to see what would happen if the shoe were on the other foot — if his wife was photographed in the arms of another man. Wait, I already know. He would have the divorce papers prepared and his wife’s possessions on the street by the time she got home.

    It’s disrespectful behavior, period. When you’re a husband, father, and you’re approaching 40, your behavior should change. It’s time to grow up and put the “pimp” persona to the side. Be a man.

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