Remember Strangé?

- By Bossip Staff

You all remember Strangé from Boomerang? Well, she’s still on the scene! Pop the hood to see if she still possesses the “essence  of sex.”

Grace Jones was spotted performing at the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands.  Looks to us like she still has it minus the makeup, shaved head and concoction atop her dome! Hey, at least the chick is still working which is more than we can say for half the washed up 90’s sensations walking around looking for spare change!

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  • SHUT IT!


  • EB

    What is her deal?

  • jakeylakey

    grace jones is where its at… pull up to my bumpa baby

  • "tateness"

    who is that?

  • SHUT IT!

    @ yaz509

    sorry you’ve merely claimed fifth place. it is i who clearly has too much time on my hands and therefore holds the coveted “first” ….maybe next topic love…;-)

  • Cynthia

    She still is the ultimate super model diva! Love that scene from Boomerang!

  • GTFOH With the DUMB

    She’s where your reigning faux princess stole her GGGB image from…LOL

  • lattho

    The one and only Grace Jones!! Their is NO one like her. Doesn’t look like she’s aging. Isn’t she in her 60’s now?

  • jakeylakey

    @the bear – an oscar? wow steep, maybe a good ol hoodie award

  • cjonespr

    THIS is the definition of being edgy. Go head, Grace! Go head!!!

  • Re

    Am I the only one who thought her eclectic performance on Boomerang was TOO eclectic?

  • Re

    Putting your leg up like that is not edgy…that’s stanktastic…

    …but she does speak several languages…you always get cool points for those…

  • ggoodeimc

    She still go it!

    Get it GRACE!


  • Marcelo

    its just funny to me that she’s Bishop Noel Jones sister to different sides of the boat really

  • d

    Here’s Grace….
    You kids have no idea of how influential and amazing she is!

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    Loves her!!!
    She’s the epitome of FIERCE!!!



  • Re


    *confused face* Why are you so quick to curse and belittle the people on this blog for their opinion? Not everyone can appreciate Grace Jones clearly because of the generation gap…is that any reason to call people “lame,” and “immature?” The younger folk can’t be up on EVERYONE before their time…I’m sure you can understand that.

    I deliberately used “eclectic” instead of “eccentric” in this instance, cause I felt like her performance came in variations (or was reminiscent) of other performances combined. But yes, eccentric definitely makes sense.

  • shango72king

    Work Queen Grace…show these young ones the old way the right way! Grace Jones Rules Forever!!!!

  • Molly

    She looks older.

  • yepthatsmygirlgrace

    yumyumyum took the words right out of my mouth! Grace Jones is an original…and she still has huge sold out shows. Love her.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    Grace Jones is an ICON for you youngsters who don’t know what ICONIC is. She was a top model, She has hit songs (pull up to the bumper baby; with your long black limosine)she also has starred in several films throughout her carreer. She does cameo appearances all over the globe. She is super popular in Europe as well as the US. And yes I would still hit it. (with the lights turned down real low)

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    I LUV U GRACE! She is uber-fierce! THIS is where Rihanna, Amber Rose, and Lady Gaga, and hell, even Madonna, get it from! And Grace Jones was doin her damn thang in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. She’s more than a sensation, she’s a LEGEND!

  • http://Bossip Kimberley

    Grace’s still doing her thing!

  • ChicDcChick

    Washed up my ass, Grace Jones is an ICON! Please, where you think half these girls who try so hard to be different grab their moves from? She is just like Tina! AN ICON.

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