Who is Rocking a Saturday Style Piece on Sunday With Snakeskin Sandals??

- By Bossip Staff

This person is fashion forward and was spotted last night entering a NYC Studio. Notice the transparent pants, the Brian Lichtenberg tank, and the snakeskin sandals? You know who it is…

Pop it to confirm

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  • Peenut

    she need to grow sum hair

  • GTFOH With the DUMB

    Damn she has the biggest hands and feet on a woman I’ve ever seen.

    Besides that observation…she looks tacky…period.

  • uptowngirl

    the big feet gave it away

  • jakeylakey

    knew it

  • jakeylakey

    she looking weird bout the face

  • lattho

    Our daily Rhi Rhi sightings! Can’t go one day without ya’. Still love you though.

  • Ryan Coke

    She sure got some big-ass dogs. Jurassic style maine!

  • Im so in so , Im this IM that!

    Bleach your feet hoe!

  • no bueno

    lol, you guys are mean!


    Nix the “???”

  • fl@tbush

    Why is her feet darker than the rest of her body… i knew she was bleaching her skin!

  • Beyonce Did You Just Fart Or Is That Your Breath?

    Its called lighting. I bet you its a stupid dark skin person asking that question.

  • mjs fanatic

    you can have a part of your body darker than another!!!

  • Beyonce Did You Just Fart Or Is That Your Breath?

    For the record I am dark skin also and I know sometimes someone will look darker or lighter depending on the lighting. It has nothing to do with her bleaching her skin. God made black people in numerous shades. Lets celebrate each other and not be envious of someones complexion.

  • tb

    this big foot chick makes me sick….

    You can make popcorn for all the little kids in Cambodia with the corns this broad has on her feet.

  • Beyonce Did You Just Fart Or Is That Your Breath?

    She does not have corns on her feet. I seen a close up of her feet on other websites other than mediafakeout and she does not have corns. They did the same thing to Beyonce also. I believe google Rihanna’s feet and she has beautiful feet. She wears a size 9 or 10 depending on the designer which is understandable since she is a tall girl. For those of you talking about how big her feet is then if you wear a size 10 yours are big also.

  • Taboo

    Everyone is complaining, at least she is working instead of just walking around being cute. I’m glad she looks normal instead of being so overdressed.

  • Neena

    I got those same sandals in pink! Go Rihanna

  • bobbi

    y’all stupid… her feet are the same color as the rest of her body. and you can clearly see that in the other pix… SMH…

  • dia

    LOL bobbi thats what i was about to say

  • http://yahoo a fan

    I hope while Rhianna is so call working that she is working on her vocals.

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    You can always tell by her vampire nails! LOL… Love Rihanna.

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    I guess Kanye and his beard weren’t out and aboout today, huh?

  • Lauren

    I think she looks SOOO cute! I’m not a Rihanna fan at all…she does too much but she finally got it right for the first time. Just keep it BLACK and SIMPLE! C;


    She looks really boring with out Chris….

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