Attention Whores… Skinny Jeans are a Major Health Hazzard!

- By Bossip Staff

The early show recently looked into the health hazzards that skinny jeans can cause in women and you won’t believe how serious they are! Pop the hood to watch.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  • Cynthia

    She looks damn good in those jeans…makes me want to sport some

  • jakeylakey

    someone has to keep monistat in business

  • Re

    Well, someone has got to keep the gynecologists busy…long live skinny jeans!


    Does anyone remember we used to call “skinny jeans” Parasuco’s, or Sergio’s?

  • SassyVicky

    Hell yeah, I remember that. I have a few pairs of Parasuco’s LMAO…

  • Re


    LOL! It had a “Lion” logo on the back, right? Awww, man, I used to think I was IT when I wore them with some Jordans…too bad I wore them when they weren’t cool. People probably laughed at me behind my back, LOL!

  • Beat Your Feet Kings =)

    @ Re we used to call the stretch jeans back when Parasuco’s, Sergio’s, and Iceberg Jeans was out! Then they had the off brand Cestoi and Caren Sport joints from like Rainbow and LVLX. I live in the DC/MD area so I know wut u r talking bout lls.

  • ???

    she is the best r&b singer in the game right now

  • LolaBaby

    I have a pair of skinny jeans wore the jeans once and said oh hell no, my cooterbob needs to breathe lol

  • Beat Your Feet Kings =)

    I remember summer of 11th grade I worked hard as sh*t to save up for like 4 pairs of Suco’s lol. I went str8 to Jean Machine in Pentagon City (I don’t think they even have that store anymore in there) and coped them joints. LOL The $70 a pop!!! I was so pressed!!! LOL

  • berryliousbea

    but skinny jeans look good

  • charlieblanko

    lmao@the bubbled caption

  • Sloppy Seconds are for Losers

    @LolaBaby–LMAO at you and your “cooterbob”!!

  • Re

    @Beat Your Feet Kings

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Cestoi!!!!!!!!!!! Lord, I remember those jeans! They looked like cardboard jeans! Oh, the memories…they’d always have thread stitching coming undone on the sides…

    Remember when the jean machine did the matching jacket with the Suco’s and the Sergio’s to match? We thought we were the ish…bahahaha!

  • klo

    lol@ stretch jeans. i guess im the only one who wore princess from ny fashions. I remember when the rumor went around that parasuaco stood for b**ch and that was the end of them. Oh and i def saved for some sergios. how young and dumb i was back then.

  • YogiSmart

    That b**ch is rockn’ those damn jeans……a dream!!!!

  • Sharie

    I’m still gonna wear them! lol



  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (would get it all day everyday)

    “Whats the matter honey, too much cheese on the Taco??”””

  • RiCia69

    Im a ThiCk GurL….SkiNNy JeanS dont Do it 4 me!!

  • Alrighty Then...

    yeast infections and vaginosis are 100% non-exsistent for me. Not sure if it’s because I had a partial hysterectomy, or because I use a PH balance gel once a month. Either way, I haven’t had one in like 4 yrs, and I love my skinny jeans… getting the correct PH balance will stop a lot of those recurring ‘woman issues’.

    @RE – I still have my Suco’s hanging in the closet. Quit playin! lol!

  • Re

    @Alrighty Then…

    LOL! They still sell those?

  • Alrighty Then...

    @Re – I don’t know! I never got rid of a pair, and I could still fit them, so I kept them, thinking, maybe, eventually…. lol… but they never really made it all the way back… lol…

  • Shamla

    LMAO lycra, that looks stupid

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    I agree about the boys in skinny jeans. Nobody wants to see your camelknuckle!!

  • http://BOOSYLITTLE MiMi /RealTalk

    love the skinny jean look, however my muffin top want allow it!

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