Another Day, Another Lawsuit: Keyshawn Johnson Being Sued For a Little Over a Milli

- By Bossip Staff

Geeze, we don’t understand why these millionaires can’t pay their bills:

Retired NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson has caught passes for the Jets, Buccaneers, Cowboys and Panthers … but now he’s been accused of dropping the ball on more than $1 million in payments to a construction company that worked on his house. Gordon S. Gibson, Inc. has just filed a lien on Keyshawn’s Calabasas, CA home, claiming the ESPN broadcaster owes them $1,115,500 for “supervision and construction of the Johnson residence.” According to the docs, Johnson’s tab is getting bigger by the minute — gaining 10% annual interest since January 14. FYI — In 2000, Keyshawn signed a $56 million contract with the Bucs.

Damn, Keyshawn. Get it together.


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  • jakeylakey

    see, money ain’t the end all be all… gotta have ya mind rite

  • jakeylakey

    it doesn’t seem he’s spending it on clothes or expensive hoes either

  • Butterflygirl

    Didn’t he have a reality show where he was married? And not to the chick he is walking with!

    Oh as far a the lawsuit not surprised!

  • S dot

    Its just another case of the rich being cheap.. or him blowing his money on dumb shyt tryna stunt. People stop stuntin and just do the minimum like 1 house, 1 vacation spot, 1 wife, 1 or 2 kids , 2 vehicles….done. Not saying this is him but not 3 houses, 3 vacation spots, 2 ex-wives, 8 kids, 6 baby mammas, 5 vehicles you don’t really drive… I guess unless i get money like that i cannot say shyt.


    I love his show……

  • Emanuelle Lewis

    Nice trick of using him walking next to a white woman to stir up racism from Greasy hatin black brawds.

  • rose by any other name

    That white skank he is with probably got it all~~hmph!!!

  • rose by any other name

    and it worked,, nice way to lose your money black guy,, lose it to a oily head white troll~!

  • Celebrity Digs HQ

    This is not necessarily another celebrity who is short of cash. Aside from his earnings as a baller and ESPN commentator, Keyshawn now has a new television show–Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design–where he’s an interior designer. We think he can probably afford to pay that construction bill.

    Given that failing to pay such a bill could tarnish his image in the TV design world, our guess is that he probably disputes the bill or the work performed.

  • dismymoney

    @ jakeylakey
    It doesn’t seem he’s spending it on clothes or expensive hoes either
    I know that’s right!!

  • Ddipped

    he can’t pay his bills but he can still bye a cracker to eat.. ha

  • BFF

    What happen to his black wife?

  • blaze

    He cheated on her with his white wife

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