Diddy’s People Publicity Woes

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Diddy is reportedly upset that he gets no love from People Magazine:

Sean Combs is said to be furious at People magazine for panning his performance in “A Raisin in the Sun” and burying the photos of his twins in the back pages. The weekly just featured Diddy’s ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, and her twins, Max and Emme, on the cover – and a large layout inside on them and Lopez’s hubby, Marc Anthony. “It was the last straw for Diddy. They gave him lousy placement [in the Feb. 12, 2007] issue when Kim [Porter] had his twins, D’Lila Star and Jessie James.” If People paid anything for the photos, it was a tiny fraction of the $6 million the weekly allegedly paid for the images of the J.Lo twins.

In the March 3 issue, a review of “A Raisin” praised Phylicia Rashad and Audra McDonald, but then added, “The one problem: Sean Combs . . . he stands there blinking, baby-faced, unable to leap into the actresses’ ring of fire.” A rep for Combs e-mailed us: “Sean loves People magazine and all the wonderful coverage they have given him over the years.”

Damn, this dude ain’t never gonna get over Jennifer Lopez. SMH.

Here is Jenny From the Block looking pretty damn good for popping out twins a bit ago:


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  • Lola

    Boo hoo hoo

  • Ms Fufu

    He got front page og HELLO magazine, so dats OK..ryt?!!!

  • And.....

    If Sean Combs didn’t realize he was Black, he knows now. Also, its a shame that these celebrities are using their babies as paychecks and publicity stunts.

  • Bill Bigsby

    thats not because hes black. Its because nobody cares about him. Hes not a hit maker. He not that important. Had t bee 10 years ago he would have had the cover.

  • loislane

    Stop whining, Diddy. There is no comparison between J-Lo’s babies and yours. J-Lo has been trying to get pregnant for years, so it was big news when she had her twins. Some chick is giving birth to a Diddy baby every year. So when more little Diddys come into the word, the media yawns. Get it? Besides, J-Lo is married to another celebrity, while you ditched Kim barely before the ink was dry on the photo of your twins. People mag isn’t stupid. They’re not going to make a big to-do about the big happy family when they know your silly ass is going to be running down some skanky white ho (Sienna, Cameron, need I go on?) before the mag even hits the newsstands. Diddy, you’re a smart man. Get a clue.

  • celebsRppl2

    what loislane said………..

  • Lucy (the other one)

    Thanks wifey I agree.

    At times people you need to see beyond color and realize its about behavior as well.

  • lovely and amazing

    Diddy must be kidding. His twins didn’t get top billing because no one takes Diddy and Kim seriously.

    March Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, whether you like them or not, are a respected married family and people have anticipated their having children. On the other hand no one thought it was a good idea for Kim to have more children with Diddy.

    Didn’t Diddy cheat on Kim with Sienna Miller right after the twins were born?

  • lovely and amazing

    @ loislane, truth, wifey


  • K-ten

    yup, i agree with them too.

  • prisseme

    J.Lo is a HO just like Kim K. Her babies are beautiful – but she sucks!

  • Lucy

    He has 22 illegitmate kids and Kim has 15. That’s nothing special! They should have been in Jet magazine instead of People. Next to the Stab Wound/C-Section Scar “Model” of the week.

  • Tiffany

    OK first off Diddy needs to give it a rest!! Jlo and Marc Anthony are a very popular MARRIED couple. People are very curious to see their twins. Diddy had these twins with baby momma #3? GIMME A BREAK!! GET MARRIED DIDDY THEN MAYBE SOMEONE MIGHT GIVE A DAMN.

  • Gwen

    jlo is famous no one cares for mark anthony and Diddy is famous no one cares for kim they should have showed the twins a little more because they are cute but they will only pay top dollar to see only two black babies and they have to be by halle barry or beyounce

  • luvgossip

    Loislane’s got on the money. Co-sign.

  • Me

    Are these kids his??? They don’t look like him to me. Yeah, where is the baby in ATL?

  • luvgossip

    Correction: Loislane’s got “it” on the money. Co-sign. 🙂

  • DM

    What is so special about people having kids out of wedlock. Dang, how many does he have? He wants anything that looks like him on the cover. Who does he think he is?

  • Dominique

    He has a point.

    He should just not invite any staff from People MAgazine To his White PArties…

    In a Diddy voice”Take that,take that”lol

  • Shavon Denise

    Um, I dont think he is dwelling on the J.Lo thing I think he’s talking about People magazine and countless other “white” magazines that dont give black entertainers due props. Even the Will Smith’s and the Halle Berry’s of the world get the back seat to the Tom Cruise’s and Angelina Jolie. I cant even remember one of Brad Pitt’s movies grossing as much as one of Will’s but thats what you have to put up with in white Hollywood.

  • cherish

    why should he care? its stupid cause he shouldn’t even be doing it for the money but to show the world his babies.

  • Reformed GammaRay

    agree wit above,

    she’s ATLEAST married, while yo ass got babies all over the place, and not never been committed to not ner ONE of the mama’s.. s’not cute. Her births was highly anticipated, theirs, not so much. they were in what essence, ebony, whatev and you had the gaul to have this glamourous shoot but still portraying yourself as just her baby daddy where marc, is gushing over jen, his love, his life, his WIFE and his added bonus his babies..

    his performance was a bit painful to watch anyway, he needs a dose of his own slogan..and use those tshirts as pillowcases and seat covers..

  • And.....

    I agree that Diddy isn’t the best father-figure out there, but on the real, how many times has People magazine covered Black families and their babies. None that I can recall. Was Angie Basset and her husband on there? Nope? And let’s not pretend that they have the best “mama-figures” on their covers either. I like Nicole Ritchie, but come on! She’s a crackhead and what kind of role model is she? I bet Jamie Lynn Spears and her baby daddy will make the cover too. If Beyonce and Jay-Z were married and had a baby, I bet they wouldn’t make the cover either.

  • Billups

    JLO does not look good, she needs to lose about 30 pounds to get back to normal. That fat b*tch..

  • EarnRespect2GetRespect

    How can Diddy who has so many baby mamas that I have lost count get mad with People Magazine. J-Lo is MARRIED to her babies father. Can’t say the same for Diddy who has babies everywhere all over the Country. When you start BEING a Father & not ACTING like a Daddy, maybe you will get more respect. Never been married, but have babies with everyone everywhere. I wouldn’t give you the time of day, I don’t care how much money you have. You won’t have it for long because child support will eat your A$$ alive. The babies mamas are stupid too because all they want is a check not thinking about the child & Kim Porter, he didn’t marry or settle down with you with the first baby why on earth would you get pregnant again? You are just like him too with the exception you have two baby daddies as oppose to him having at least 3 or 4. That’s a DAMN shame. My people, get it together. No wonder we are losing so many of our children to prisons. Spread kids everywhere some of them are going to fall short & grow up being bitter & angry at their celebrity Daddy who was too busy chasing tail instead of being in ALL of his childrens lives. Yeah, you are a big man Diddy. B.S.

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