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Here is a little Beyonce and Jay-Z crack to get you through the weekend:

Things are getting more serious for Jay-Z and Beyoncé. The couple of nearly six years have been slow to take that next step in their relationship, in part because her parents believe she’s too young (26) to get married. But now that Beyoncé’s acting career is taking off, her folks are more open to the pair getting serious, says a pal of the Knowles clan.

While Beyoncé was on location filming “Cadillac Records,” Jay-Z met up with Knowles sibling Solange in the Florida Room of South Beach’s Delano Hotel, where the pair sipped on Don Julio tequila and chatted about how the hip-hop mogul could move things to the next level.

Who sips tequila? SMH.

Via NY Daily News

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  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    This is good! I am happy that they are taking the next do the BIG thing! I Just know that Someone heart is going to be broken..(IM NOT GOING TO SAY ANY NAMES……..SHHHHHHH RIAHNNA! LOL

  • Rai

    Actually tequila was meant to be sipped like you would cognac.

  • Tacky Tina

    I have heard this several times before. personally i think they are already married.

    Oh and mr whiteshoes– eeeewwhhh!

  • Ms Fufu

    YEAH!!!!! I want dem to get married!!!!! Looking at the pix, B really seem to be into Jay. Wen they are ACTUALLY AFFECTIONATE IN OUBLIC…ITS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! Just look at the way she’s looking at Jay in dis pix…HOW CUTE!!!!! AWWWWWWW

  • He's Presidential

    I could careless about when they get married anymore.

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Solange needs to worry about her own relationship issues.

  • And.....

    First of all they need to stop lying about that girl’s age. Beyonce is NOT 26. I believe they are already married.


    I think she IS 26 – but who cares?

    Hopefully Jay and Bee are moving at their own pace and not because her mama and daddy got a problem with it…6 years is a lot of dedication when you’re just “dating”

  • Lisalisa

    Story sounds pretty made up to me. And why would a grown man likeJZ need to ask a youngin like Solange about how to take HIS relationship to the next level?

    Not a very pretty pic of Bey up there IMHO

  • Lisalisa

    oH and yes, they are married

  • kiki

    They are too cute together, I used to think that they were already married in like secret, but I guess I was wrong, I hope they stay together foevah!!!!

  • HCR's #1 Fan--Female Friendly campaign '08!

    Don Julio?! Wow that’s interesting.. I realy don’t care. He should be vacationing & publicly claiming his damn kid. I wonder if Bey has an opinon on his kid situation/

  • so 510 bay

    does bey have a wondering eye and wtf is that on her teeth? they r a cute couple, probably been married and that chick aint no 26!

  • Afiya

    She looks very different…

  • Ms.Cashville

    look at b her eyebrows teeth she looks a hot mess

  • versace

    Why does B zzzzzzzzz news always come out when the other ladies are trying to do something?

  • Louisiana Hot Gyrl


  • NahGurl

    why would he discuss getting married with a divorced single parent ?

  • A Pimp Named Slickback

    I agree with Ms FuFu… at 26, she’s too young to get married, but she’s NOT too young to date a 38 year old? Come on…


    Jay Z still trying to move it to the next level…

  • Lucy

    Is 26 too young to get married? Solange had a shotgun wedding when she was 12.

  • Average Black Girl

    this post really didnt make any sense, boo, nothing new. Imagine that wedding tho, ridic. Good for Bey 🙂

  • Trouble T

    Yeah J might wanna hurry up, he ain’t gettin no younger, I know he don’t wanna be playin ball outside with the kids wit no walker and a cane!!!

  • Dark&Lovely

    It’s odd how the parents think she is to young to get married, but the lil sister has been married and has a child.

    This family is wacked……………

  • asdf

    The NY Daily News sure have been writing alot about Beyonce lately. Hmmm.

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