MiMi Ft. Cam’Ron: Touch My Body Remix

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Mariah Carey has done yet another remix for that “Touch My Body” song and this time it’s with Killa Cam. Check it out:

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  • Bill Bigsby

    doesnt she know its never a hit with Cameron.

  • Deswes95

    I sure hope you or your people read this. Don’t like it! Couldn’t you come up with someone else? Or just remixed yourself with a different character, i.e., Chris Tucker, Snoop, Ice Cube.

  • Baby Hur

    She should have changed up the melody of the song. It doesn’t match the melody of the track…..off key!

  • kreama

    why does camron wear so much pink…. OH BOY.. wasn’t that one of his songs… put it together people 🙂

  • Hell Ay boy

    In the words of Beyonce from Kitty Kat.. “I’m not feelin it! I’m not feelin it!! And… who in the hell said Dj Clue was still a hot dee jay. Lord hammercy!!!

  • L-nana

    Garbage…just like the original touch my body song. Mariah sounds horrible and the song is so dumb. What happened to when Mariah used to really sing, not talk/sing a song. This isn’t real music.



    The original is so much better than this lame remix!

  • Frog-a-licious

    The only thing I have to say is Mariah needs to act her damn age!

  • Not Again

    I know Mariah and Camron are friends, but the last thing we need to hear him on is one of her remixes. I’m not crazy about the original, but do enjoy the dance version that has played on Star and Bucwild’s show.

  • crazy dog

    Mariah is not a good singer anymore,a saw her performance live and is not the same,o and please do not record any hit with camron cause is not a hit.Is so many good rappers out there why choose a bag of s–t.

  • http://www.homecookinradio.com HCR's #1 Fan--Female Friendly campaign '08!

    @ Not Again

    What time and what station is Star & Buckwild on?

    Cam’s is suspect fo sure. Did anyone hear he’s HIV positive? I heard that somewhere.

  • http://www.homecookinradio.com HCR's #1 Fan--Female Friendly campaign '08!

    She probably did the song for Cam as a favor. Her singles everywhere she’s on SNL and all over the magazines. Putting cam on for the remix only benefits him. plus it’s almost time for the second single. Cam’s been MIA for a minute now.. his relationship w/ Dipset has been shaky since they accused him of stealing from the crew. Cam needs the buzz plus I think he has an album dropping this april or sometime this summer. This was either a favor or a label set up.

  • Yve

    Lord No!! I wish you would have put up the song Love Story instead, if she sings the song like she is singing recording it, it will be FIRE!!!

  • Tacky Tina

    NOOOOOOOO how could she! Couldn’t she ask Weezy F Baby or someone else. Mariah is going down..

  • luvgossip

    “I’m talking to my money.” Yawn. This s*^t is tired. Plus the melody is off. Mariah’s too old to be involved in this crap.

  • John


  • Puff Daddy is so fine

    Looky here. Yall know this was not Mariah falt. Its not official Camron dumb behind jumpin up and doing this. From what I heard Mariah is actually really kool with the big name rappers remixing her stuff. Everybody accept Eminem can hop on at anytime and just put it out. Shoot if its hott she might let Eminem ride out to she is a serious hip hop head.

  • and another one..

    What in the fuzzy pink bunny rabbit hell? Cam’ron WTF? Cannot stand this corny ass record, Cam is easy on the eyes (excluding this fit) but haven’t liked him since he was on the roc. The dream made one corny ass/gay beat for this one, which is fitting considering he is corny & gay!

  • Nik


  • Reformed GammaRay

    Cam looks like a fluffy bunny..

  • Dominique

    I like the more “gangsta” appeal to the song,its koo…

    But I like the remix with the Dream better.

  • Dominique

    *aND WITH rICK rOSS*

  • Yep

    Cam’Ron needs to take his gangstalicious ass back to 2002. No one is checking for him.


    sounds a messs…..

  • TT

    That beat doesn’t match the song. Its wack.

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