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Diddy’s girls Danity Kane had their “official” album release party this weekend in Las Vegas. NFL player Shawne Merriam and his swirly track record probably broke that little freak Aubrey off something (see thumbnail)…

Click here if you missed the premiere of Danity Kane’s newest video “Damaged”.

View pics of Kimora and BET’s Spring Bling right now…

Kimora and girls at Hello Kitty:

BET’s Spring Bling:

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  • Negrodamus Believes.......

    Negrodamus believes he is first.

    Negrodamus also believes “Spring Bling” has been on decline since 2001, largely due to the lack of “hip-hop” out there.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    B-A-J-A-N is better! LOL SMDH

  • Barack's Penis

    I demand to know, who’s making the fashion choices for D. Woods? She by far has the best body and the most attractive, and yet they dress her as if she’s a soccer mom. I’m feeling a little flaccid.

  • K-ten

    when will they ever take that freakin hairpiece off of D Woods? im tired of that!!!

  • Billy "WhiteShoes" Johnson

    @ K-ten true, hate that hair, looked way better when they were filming MTB. Does not do her banging body any justice.

  • Average Black Girl

    Why is it that only Aubrey and D.Woods look like they have any hollywood potential, those other chicks (i don’t even remember their names) always look like sidekicks. Sad.

  • HCR's #1 Fan--Female Friendly campaign '08!

    @ Barack’s penis

    So true! D Woods is banging I’m so tired of seeing her in grandma dresses while the rest of them look 1/2 naked. Did you know she has a BA from NYU’s Tisch school of the arts? That’s really great!

    @ Average Black Girl

    lol you right tho. Dawn is so whatever. This chick swears she cute but she looks like a muppet baby. lol & the other two chicks Shannon and Andrea are cute but like you said always come off as background chicks. The ill thing is they & D-Woods actually have best voices in the group.

  • HCR's #1 Fan--Female Friendly campaign '08!

    Cute shoes Dawn!

  • Frog-a-licious

    I lovvvvveeee DK! Dawn’s my fave. their album is off the chain.

    Kimora looks nice with her daughters.

    Spring Bling….. ummm no comments.

  • bree

    Danity Kane looks good- minus the belt and shoes Dawn has on and that curtain and mop-hair D.Woods is rocking..again their 2nd album is fire.

    Kimora’s girls are soo cute!

    Spring Bling is still on? WHY?

  • Dominique

    The Color of D.Woods dress is pretty on her skin tone.

  • Lady Architect

    I love DK’s album! I do agree that D. Woods has the best body, but they are always putting these frocks on her. I remember when they were saying she’s too thick so maybe that has to do with it. Nobody else has a body like hers. Aubrey I thought Diddy said chill with the eyebrows and outrageous makeup? Dawn looks nice I think her voice is essential to the group and she can dance her butt off! Andrea needs to make a name for herself and Shannon I believe likes to play in the background since she’s married and all.

  • Nik

    I think DK (not a fan of them)girls look nice in that picture all except for DWoods the hair and the dress and her pose look all wrong. oh yea and dawn needs some lotion

  • Justice

    Shawne will sleep with anyone who opens their legs. He has quite a reputation here in L.A.

  • HCR's #1 Fan--Female Friendly campaign '08!

    Cute pic Dominique

  • Tymes Dawg

    Danity Kane is a bunch of feminists. They ALWAYS say, “Women are better than Men” or something like that.

  • Dominique

    @ HCR’s #1 Fan–Female Friendly campaign ’08!


  • Lisa

    This is the first time I ever saw Kimora look like a normal momma! No over the top fab look as usual, but this doesn’t help the pregnancy rumors.

  • Riley

    Danity Kane look would look great if Dawn would have took that belt off and picked up a cuter pair of shoes and told her girl D. Woods that piece on the top of her head is not the business.

    Kimora and her girls look cute.

    Who attends BET’s Spring Bling & who watches that mess

  • Terrence

    Another worthless,manufactured girl group. They’ll never see any real money. One album and the rest is downhill.


  • for-casual-fun

    what’s wrong??


    somebody need to teach this bish on the end how to stand. she standing there all gap legged lookin like somebodys nasty ho

  • SoSo

    Aubrey is gonna be the next coco. She has the ability to make everything look trashy.

  • SoSo

    and D woods! OMG! That damn hair has to go…

  • reesee

    yes, i must agree, their stylist is always making d. woods look effed up. she is pretty and has a tight body, but because she’s not a skinny bean pole with silicone..(aubrey), they dress her like an old lady

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