*Exclusive*: Z-Lister Dorion Standberry of BET’s College Hill Sets the Record Straight with Honey Magazine on Naked Twit Pics

- By Bossip Staff

For all of you that watch BET’s College Hill then Dorion Standberry is no stranger to you. A couple of months ago, he claims someone hacked into his e-mail and twitter account. They took every single celebrity phone number in his address book and posted it on his twitter. Celebs are always yelling that someone else hacked into their stuff, so why would someone hack into this Z-Listers account??? Well he wants to set the record straight.

Pop it for the Interview and his Birthday Suit Pics…


How do you feel about people’s comments claiming you leaked the pics that were posted on Twitter and comparing your situation to Cassie or Rihanna?

First of all, I’m not that retarded to leak pictures of myself. I do want a career. A legitimate career and I would never do anything to put a stop in front of that. Modeling agencies and industry people like that don’t like people who jeopardize their careers for press. That’s not a good look. I’m not going to stop my money from coming in any kind of way. Me leaking that would stop my money coming in and I would never put my finances in jeopardy.

In terms of the new fans that you have now, what do you want to tell them? For people who now have joined the Dorian fan club thanks to Twitter, what should they expect from you aside from these photos?

Well, I’ll be posing for Playgirl. Just kidding. It’s crazy because now I have new fans for my d*ck and not for me. I don’t know what to say. I feel like if I do a movie they won’t watch it if I’m not naked. I just hope they take the ride with me. I can flip this. I know it’s negative but it’s life. It’s a d*ck, not like it’s something people haven’t seen before. Twenty years from now, I’m hoping I still look like this. I’m embracing everyone if they didn’t know who I was then, now they know.

Since everything has happened, what has been the response from industry friends and business contacts and also your family?

My family was really supportive. They were kind of like I can’t believe you did that. The response from the general public was actually good. They were really surprised at what they saw. They didn’t expect to see that but I am from Texas and that’s all I’m going to say on that. But the blogs have been rude as hell, plain and simple. Everybody’s been talking sh*t and not being kind but I really don’t give a f*ck on what people say. I have only done College Hill and people care that much.

What do you currently have going on? Talk about the career you are building away from Twitter and things you are looking forward to now.

Well, I’ll def say I’m not one of these lame reality people that go out to the clubs and host parties. I didn’t try out for College Hill. I didn’t stand in no lines, I was asked to do it. I thought it was a good thing to do. I have been modeling for six years, signed to Click for three years and always worked. So I’m continuing my modeling career. I just got back from Jamaica for some shows. I’m the new face of Live Mechanics and I’m working on my acting and an independent film. I’m just doing the same thing I was doing before College Hill. I was always on this path. It was never like College Hill gave me this work. It just gave me the platform for a fan base that allowed me to do more.

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    Who is this? College Hill still come on?

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    he is gayer then Gaps skinny jeans for dudes!!!!! PALEASE!!!



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    him being gay or not isnt the issue…i just think he’s lame as hell…lol

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    @Ty… sounds like your jealous much.. wish you was in that position…

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    he is gayer then Gaps skinny jeans for dudes!!!!! PALEASE!!!
    lmao!!!! That was great! You just made my evening!
    And he is BEYOND airbrushed/ photoshopped.. he does not even look human!

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    He’s gay?How so?Damn and I bet each one who said he was gay probably don’t have a man.

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    U can still see the outline and he has a nice fat one. I don’t care if he’s gay or str8 he’s packin something nice! LMAO

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    What is it about Hotel Bathrooms that makes people want to strip and take a picture.

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    This guy is so gay. I was at this party in Los Angeles on friday…OMG! This party was by a friend of mine and I knew it would be a few gay guys there. I didnt expect this. Me and my girl walk into the party and its jumpin. A few industry folks that I know are there so i speak until I see Dorian. OMFG! This dude is border line FEM. He spoke and I was like homie I dont know you. Nonetheless I continued to make my way towards the bar cuz I had no idea it would be this many gay guys there. Me and my girl get a drink. He walks behind me and says damn. I turn around and grabbed dude like I WIL BREAK YOUR FACE. He hangs with a few peeps I know here in LA, they all have CONFIRMED THAT HE’S GAY. His 8 secs of FAME have come an gone. He should do playgirl cuz he’s not man enuff for other gigs…

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    This had to be Jason Johnson’s party becuz I was there as well. I seen this cat and I knew from the show he was gay. He was chillin’ by all the flammin gays at the party, I’m like how do u say one thing and hang around these obviously gay guys. Use your brain dummy.. Not a good look…

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