Are Those Daisy Dukes??

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna styled the crop differently last night, threw in a quick highlight, and sported some Daisy Dukes while attending a meeting at the Bowery Hotel. RiRi does not seem to mind dressing up for the paps… or is it her handlers?

At any rate, pop the top and peep the leg game, shoe steez, short-shorts, and more crop

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  • Nique

    I cant get enough of her style!

  • HousHed4Life

    Her SHOE GAME is sooooo WICKED!!!!!! DAMN MAN (drool)

  • lady b

    shoes is hot

  • Alrighty Then...

    I love this chick’s style. (most of the time :))


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  • Truth

    It’s amazing what great makeup, a simple haircut and keeping in shape can do to a simple outfit.

  • Lady J

    @Classice….wut eva!!!…..anyway, her outfit is nice, but those shorts aren’t considered daisy dukes….DD’s are much shorter and tighter…I actually like her shorts because it does leaves something to the imagination…daisy dukes don’t!

  • ClassicHeelz

    @I AM LEGEND…you are certified proof that women are not the only ones that should be labeled ho’s.

  • Fashionized Diva

    i love this girl.. OMG and her style is wicked sick… the shoes so goes great with the out fit. she has on all black duhh. black so goes with every thing. yes she could’ve worn black shoes. but thats so expected, she does her own thing and i love it. she is very edgy and has her own style. i love it.
    (love rihanna biggest STAN!!!! 🙂 )

  • ClassicHeelz

    @Lady J….ma its simply my opinion…its bogus how many chicks that are singin NOW..are only famous for there looks and style ALONE thats not even there own….c’mon ma…dont you got style? cant you dress….? im pretty sure…but who gets more praise YOU or your FAVE celebrity that gets dressed by other ppl? LOL…and to me she is rockin DDs…any shorts that are 2-3inches away from the Cooch is considered DDs.

  • L

    Her leg game is sick…i’m sorry but its on TOP!! and her shoe game…the zombie steez…not so much.

  • angelina jolie

    love your street style ri ri
    also love your hair.

  • statim08

    A puppet she is, it’s a sad existence.

  • Kanye Lover All Dai

    ok she can dress, but what else…THIS IS NOT A FASHION COMPETITION, she is a singer so she need to learn how to sing…big head ass, and no im not hatin, just stating facts

  • ClassicHeelz

    These blogs show why most singers are famous…because hella ppl act like they never seen a pretty girl that can dress, obviously either they never looked in the mirror or walked around outside of the internet or from in front of there tv….to caught up in the hollyweird world…because to me its nothing SPECTACULAR about nice a looking girl with style…she should be entitled a singer because of that?? hell naw….like I stated earlier I see myself everyday…I dont think I should be famous for my style because for one its mine and two, im not a model…and dont care to be.

  • goons


  • http:/ kenny

    rihanna do you want to be my girlfriend, or something so that we can get to know each other better.

  • http:/ LUMINEERS

    hey ri them legs are made for showin off. you are steady doing your thing i see. and driving people crazy everyday, thers a lot to you because they can’t get your name out of their mouths.

  • http:/ LUMINEERS

    hey ri now you prepare for your older days because since people think that your singimg is so good all you need is just one or two more things to go with that, and you have got it made in the shade.

  • ClassicHeelz

    @Hate..I hope u aint talkin to me…because I called I Am Legend a ho for his comment not Rihanna…and just because somebody is not kissin her azz to keep her famous like yall are doin..does not mean somebody is hatin..all I simply stated was i think its shallow and ridiculous how nowdays to be famous or a singer all you have to is either look good or dress nice…which is whats destroyin the art of real music.

  • http:/ LUMINEERS

    people just love your singing ri, and they listen to rihanna live performances all of the time. and they really love disturbia because it draws some similarities to m/j thriller. girl thats very good and the live performances you have done is off the hook.

  • Miss Glok9n

    Good morning Rihanna haters!

  • ClassicHeelz

    @lumineers you mean off the blogs..not mouths sweetie…

  • Jamaquina.Cubana

    Can there be a post about what Rihanna actual DOES inna life and not what she WEARS??

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