Coupled Up: Serena and Common

- By Bossip Staff

Serena and Common were coupled up at the “Just Wright” wrap party at Greenhouse in NYC last night.  We sure are glad she cleaned up before stepping out with her man! Flip the hood for more flicks from the night.

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  • Really now?

    BLACK LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!…they’re cute together. Common loves the sistas – some other people could learn a lesson from him…


    cute love them!

  • the insider

    I think they look awesome together. 🙂 GO COMMON!!!!

  • Nique

    Serena, girl u better look to your left….some heffa got her hand on ur man!!!!

  • Alrighty Then...

    lol @ the caption bubbles… They make a cute couple, and I hope it works out!

  • CeeCee

    they actually look cute together…

  • BossLadyJess504(H.b.i.C.)

    Good For Them,

  • Aww Man...

    LMFAO @ num1dominicano

    My settlements exactly bruh. She’s so manish. Hey if that’s how Common like em, do you.

  • Mrs. Sunshyne

    They are cute together……. awww

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  • Anon


  • Coupled Up: Serena and Common

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  • Wenzel Dashington

    Is that the grim reaper behind you Com? Duck down my dude!

  • Wenzel Dashington

    I want to meet the chick behind the little suit man with the short hair and off the shoulder set on. If you see yourself in the pic, speak up!

  • Diva

    “Little Suit Man” is Derrick Dudley, Common’s long time manager who has been with him since day one.

  • JoJo

    I think that is a man’s hand that is by Common’s ear…not sure why…but he still my baby!

    And thats crazy now the men say she is manly…yet I remember the time she came out with that black cat suit and mad dudes was drooling over her fat ass…go figure

  • Janae

    Cute couple.

  • too cute the original one

    they look cute together,love him he’s a cutie,Serena looks great

  • sara

    Why is everyone hopping on Serena? Not like Common is that attractive his damn self (I personally find him average at best). They love and like each other. Support that instead of trying to find fault in everything.

  • Divine

    They are cute together! I hope they stay together.

  • lynn

    to Wenzel….that chick is Queen Latifah’s girlfriend…Jeanette Jenkins!

  • Born


  • Dan

    They look cute.

  • eveinthegarden

    ahahah…somebody got molded! lol @the mongrelized/sissified statement

  • SteelCityChick

    They’re a good looking couple. But I got to say…Serena, you a lucky girl, cause yo man is FINE!

  • Lady J

    Cute couple…..She helped put light skinned men back on the map….LOL

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