This Was Not The First Time Chris Brown and Rihanna Were Violent

- By Bossip Staff

Chris Brown and Rihanna were bad for each other almost from the jump. The judge yesterday reminded us all that this relationship was “a wash” before he beat RiRi down the last time:

Rihanna and Chris Brown had two previous violent episodes before the Feb. 8 fight, which ultimately led to Brown’s arrest and felony conviction, court documents reveal. The “Umbrella” singer allegedly slapped Brown…… in a heated argument three months prior to the February incident, according to Brown’s probation review released Tuesday.

In that previous fight, which occurred in Europe, Brown responded by pushing Rihanna into a wall, the documents say. The couple “were involved in a verbal dispute and [she] slapped [him].” Brown “responded by shoving her into a wall.” A second fight occurred about three weeks prior to the Feb. 8 incident. Brown and Rihanna “were visiting Barbados and were driving a Range Rover loaned to them,” according to the documents. “They had an argument inside the car. [Brown] exited and broke the front driver and passenger side windows of the car. No one was injured during the incident.”

The documents also reveal that in the Feb. 8 incident, which began after Brown allegedly received a text message from a previous lover, that Rihanna “said she became ‘enraged’ and slammed both of her fists against the dashboard,” which led to Brown pulling the Lamborghini over and trying to force her out, which escalated into a physical fight. Lawyers for both Rihanna, 21, and Brown, 20, weren’t immediately available for comment. In a June 26 interview with his probation officer, Brown stated that since the Feb. 8 fight, he had been very “depressed.” Brown stated he grew up watching his mother being physically abused and said he did not want to “carry on that cycle.”

Brown repeatedly told the officer he regretted the incident, and said he initially wanted to plead guilty right away, but his attorney advised against it. “I want to take responsibility for my mistake,” Brown told the officer, adding he is “totally remorseful for what I have done.”

When both parties start putting their hands on each other, that is a definite sign that the relationship should be broken off…not the girl, Chris.


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  • Samuel Jackson Beer

    Usain Bolt!

  • Mia

    Sounds like they’re both at fault, but a man should never put his hands on a woman. I hope he obeys all the terms because he is too pretty to go to Jail – they would break him in there. Hopefully they both learn from this and move on with their lives. I don’t want to hear anymore of them getting physical with anyone or see them in a court room ever again – they are too talented and have have a lot to lose for all this ghetto mess!! HOLD YOUR HEARD UP C-BREEZY & RIH RIH…

  • They both suck

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    3rd and sheet

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    4th mofos

  • dumbish

    people should not put their hands on other people. Don’t hit and not expect to get hit back. Hitting is wrong regardless.

  • laylah

    rihanna is a typical black chick. arguing about dumb shit. im mad chris bore the brunt of the blame.

  • Really now?

    Rih Rih is just as guilty it seems – but it’s a lesson for all men – the history of domestic violence in the country is stacked against you. Don’t lose your cool because you will be the one to pay…”she slapped me first” is not a defense…LET IT Go!

  • tb

    I still don’t believe the chick would hit the dashboard because he got a text from another chick. She hit him. She is use to hitting him. She thought that he would just push her away as usual. IDK why someone would take the blame for somebody else’s mistake….CB is a dummy and he deserve everything he is getting for being an ass.

    These were her words…these are things that she told the cops…Not CB.

  • JB (Make Sure you pay your cable bill! ABC Sep 5 8pm!!

    I am glad, the truth came out. Now those stans can see she is no saint. Hopefully he will get a better piece and in 5 years say Rhianna Who?

  • Nique

    Not surprised. Just hope they both learn from this and move on.

  • Alrighty Then...

    No surprises here… No one just “blows up”. There are always signs… Hopefully he gets help for his anger issues, and she stops putting her hands on men who can beat that ass.


    Moms told me, I told my daughter if you put yours hands on a guy in violent way…expect him to do the same. It blows me that girls think they hit, punch, slap a guy…then fall back to rule of “A guy should not put his hands a girl”. Bottom line no one should be disrespected and I suggest leaving the situation…

  • WTF???

    STFU…”a man should never put his hands on a woman”? Right, if that woman thinks she’s woMAN enough to hit a man….you know the rest….GTFOH.

    Both of them, however, should have been “punished”. It’s clearly stated she’s hit him, he’s hit her….

  • CeeCee

    Chris Brown is psycho breaking the car windows over an argument lol. He is in need of some intense therapy.

  • http://deleted stx

    @tb, if rihanna hit him, didn’t you think chris would have said so, like he said about the first incident. IF the report said she hit the dashboard, just take it for what it is, instead of filling in your own version of things, to make it go the way you want it to. WHo does that? you are clearly taking other peoples affair home with you who don’t even know you exist. Poor chile.

  • josh

    So, because he won the fight he gets all this shit, and because she lost she gets let off and treated like a hero to all women.


  • DayShifter

    They both have anger issues, they both are equally at fault. It’s amazing some of you are forgetting the second part of that lesson all of our mothers taught us. A man should NEVER raise his hand to a woman, BUT….. I woman should NEVER lay hands on a man, and if you do, be prepared to get hit back.
    Saying one is at fault over the other is stupid, the evidence points to this fact…. It shows they had a violent relationship, and it’s the relationship they wanted. Do you not realize if they didn’t get caught she would still be with him. Rih is not trapped, she could have left whenever she wanted to but she didn’t, and that’s not some spousal abuse syndrome…. THAT’S STUPID!!

    My Two!!

  • Layla

    I hope they both have learn from this situation, it is not right for anyone, no matter woman or man, to put your hands on another human being for any reason.
    The same way everyone is tell Chris he should have just walk away, that is the same thing Rihanna should have done when she saw that he was cheating. Both had a chose they could have made that night. Both were dead wrong!

  • Lady J

    Both need anger management classes, and hopefully RiRi will learn to keep her dayum hands to herself…Chris need to stay away from dysfuntional relationships, girls who feel the need to physically & verbally abuse men… Now, can we PLEASE get back to the music!!!!!!

  • Lady J

    Some of these comments amaze me…I mean yes, RiRi got “roughed up”…but to suggest he BEAT her is a bit much especially when women who have been battered have broken arms, legs, broken jaws, cracked ribs and a eye closed shut….I mean don’t get me wrong Chris was inappropriate, BUT he did use some restraint and reserve on her…..JUST SAY’N

  • truedat

    I always had a gut feeling that this chick was bad news. Not the innocent victim that the media has made her out to be at all. Fellas should take note of Chris Breezy’s situation because this is what happens to you when you mess around with scandalous heiffas like Rhianna–they f*ck up your life and then you’re the one who winds up being labeled as the bad guy.

  • MWNY

    How is it Rihanna’s fault when all she did was hit the dashboard the night he went all IKE on her. I only see where Rihanna hit him once. One time. From the probation’s report which is what Chris told his probation officer Rihanna only hit the dashboard NOT CHRIS. He is the crazy one..I mean if they argue in car he goes and bust both windows. Who does that? I’m not a fan of Chris’s now!!


    @ LAYLAH

    are you serious!? it’s 2010 and folks still tryin to bring race into this. unless you’ve been under a rock, LATINAS are just as violent as black women, asian women (my good friend is vietnamese and is always slappin her man around), as white women (HELLLOOOO, did you NOT read the article about those women GLUING their man’s balls together????), sh*t DOMESTIC ABUSE has no color so please wake up and keep ur generalizations to ur ignorant self. thx!

  • Mrs. Sunshyne

    She seems like the type…. ummm hummmm.
    I am sure they are still seeing each other….. Just cause its now public doesnt mean they are going to call it quits… no matter what the “law” requires….

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