For International Eyes Only?

- By Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland is blatantly gearing herself for the overseas market, especially being that they support her music for the most part. Kelly is still on the hunt for a record label and wants to release a album in early 2010, so these promo shots are just that… promo-shots.

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  • Mia

    Do you Kelly! The pictures look fab! not sure i’ll cop the album, but I hope she does well….Black people need to support each other.

  • Samuel Jackson Beer



    Kelly’s my girl. I know she’ll do well in the european market. They do know good music.

  • Yummy

    She looks beautiful, I love the dresses!

  • Nique


    So we have to dish out our hard earned money for BS we are not feeling? We should support thngs that interest us-not cause they are black

  • the insider

    GO KELLY!!!! Get those Euro’s and Brit Pounds girl!

  • JB (Make Sure you pay your cable bill! ABC Sep 5 8pm!!

    Those dresses are hot. I really hope she comes out on top. I hope she ends up like TIna Turner, killing them overseas, while we have Beyonce shoved down our throats

  • slimpickens

    I wish her well.

  • sexy

    Kelly was always a better singer than beyonce and better dresser and she’s prettier. Beyonce fans need that shoved down their throats! It’s the truth.

  • DayShifter

    I love Kelly…. but I hate that dress!

  • Glok9...All we do iz Spark Mad Izm!!


  • For International Eyes Only?

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  • christylove

    I like that.. Couture in the

  • Miss Kesha (twitter .com/miss_kesha)

    Don’t ask me why, but I think those dresses are cute. And I like Kelly, I hope she does find success overseas.

  • Awesome-O-3000

    I love you Kelly. We should meet up so I can prove it to you.

  • Dee

    Love the dresses, especially the white one. I wish her luck.

  • Divine

    SHe has the #1 record right now in Europe some club song and it’s decent. They LOVE her. So I say good for her! I’m sure she will find a label soon.

  • hellonursenancy

    This is the best I’ve seen her! I mean, she’s always gorgeous, but I’ve never seen her so high fashion. Go on, Kelly, do your thing! I’m rooting for you. The European market loves you, but don’t forget about the gays, they are OBSESSED with you. If you can market yourself into a black Lady Gaga, you’ll be making that cheddar, no doubt.

  • mzprettylady

    I love her she’s beautiful! Go Kelly I will be buying your cd when ever it comes out. Also go pick up Latoya new cd it came out yesterday and its HOTT get it ladies!

  • DontBeScurred

    Good for her. The American music industry is bullshit, and Black Americans are color-struck in general. Hence, phony-blond Beyonce’s popularity.

  • lala land

    YAY KELLY!!!! Im glad shes having so much success overseas, shoot, the money is worth more over there anyway. It’s just like how P!nk does it. She sets up shop in Australia for months at a time since shes so popular there.

    The american music market is a disgrace as far as pop and r&b are concerned, so its good that shes somewhere being appreciated.

  • BastetsMeow

    Go Kelly GO! I really hope she comes out on top overseas. I am so sick of Beyonce (who has like an iron grip on the american music market now)

    David Guetta’s and Kelly’s song “When Love Takes Over” is literally tearing up the DANCE/HOUSE scene in NYC,LA, and Miami, so I know Europe will take her faaaaar moreso than Beyonce.

    I love Kelly and wish the best!

  • too cute the original one

    not into her music,but good she’s still trying,she looks much better after she had a nose job

  • Emma

    the pic in the white dress is so preety no homo

  • darealwifey

    She looks great. Kelly, honey, you are RICH and have NOTHING to prove to anyone. I am proud of you regardless, so do whatever makes you HAPPY!

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