Real Housewives of Atlanta: Lisa’s Closet Freak vs. Sheree’s She by Sheree

- By Bossip Staff

This season on the RHOA, Lisa and Sheree both have their own clothing lines. Lisa has thrown some low blows at Sheree:

Sheree’s into fashion, she has She by Sheree but you know I’ve been into fashion for a very, very long time. I have helped to develop a few clothing lines in the past. You have to be a business minded person.

Pop it to See Which One You Like…

Sheree’s She by Sheree

Closet Freak by Lisa

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  • DestinedChild

    I actually like the She by Sheree jumpsuit and I like the white and gray dress by Closet Freak, but what’s up with Sheree’s model in the purple number with those ashy azz knees. Try again boo-boo!

  • CopyCat

    I like Sheree’s better….she has better variety and nice styles. Lisa’s $hit pretty much looks the same.

  • DestinedChild

    Neither one of the lines are really a hit…I will give it to Sheree for producing a line that’s somewhat wearable, but that’s as far as it goes. It’s not cohesive at all…the looks are all over the place. There’s no signature look that Sheree presented.

    Honestly, they can both go back to the drawing board!!!

  • Nyah

    I like Lisa’s clothes, but I have to admit both Sheree’s and Lisa’s clothes were not ready to be seen at a fashion show.

  • Dani

    I like Sheree’s better. On the show, I like Lisa’s style, but I wouldn’t buy anything that Lisa premiered in the fashion show.

  • Keep It Easy

    Now that She’ seems like it was done the right way and by a professional team I woudl say YES YES to She’ by Sherre ( I would change the name thous , it’s so wack and self absourbed)

  • barb

    i like sheree’s best.
    lisa’s is too fabulous and too nekkid!

  • barb

    @ marydamnit…
    right!!!! i was thinking the same thing. ugh.
    if u look closely, u can see that she has a benign cyst.

  • WTF???

    hmmm…SHE is…ok…Looks like I’ve seen it before…however “Closet Freak”…I’ve love to see a few women walking around wear those pieces. They look young, hip, and refreshing.

  • Daphne

    @ DestinedChild
    Agreed. Sheree should’ve just done casual clothes & Lisa’s designs look cheap as f^ck! I hope Sheree does a bath & body line too, cuz her 3rd model’s legs look like she was playin outside w/ powdered doughnuts.

  • Nique

    The fabric used for these outfits are “DREDFUL”. It looks cheap and thrown together on both parts-I see these fashions hitting your nearest “Rainbow” fashion stores soon…….


  • Alrighty Then...

    I wouldn’t wear either of these ladie’s clothes. Lisa has a cute fashion sense, but they are both trying to reach a market that doesn’t seem like it suits them… certainly doesn’t suit me..

  • KiKi

    As much as I love Lisa & her own style I have to admit her clothes were nice & I would wear them but Sheree’s line looks a little more sidewalk wearable & still is fab for the runway. They look like they are made for the average womans body.

  • Blacky - Unofficial Bossip celeb - Future Karrine

    Hey everyone. My Q&A is today and it is in the Jay-Z thread. Come with your best questions.

  • Tropical English


    ….how dreadful!

  • Sasha

    I do not like either and Lord those ashy knees! LMAO

  • deedy

    some were cute out of both. the white and grey dress was on point!

  • nobody cares

    Neither one of these lines will be a household name, and they do not look like quality clothes from high end materials, so I don’t see the exclusive boutiques picking up distribution of them either…everyone is a fashion designer just because they like to shop, GTFOH…maybe i should “design” a line now

  • http://Bossip Tee

    I think She by Sheree is better. More women (sizes) can wear her stuff. Also, her stuff can be worn more places.

  • Jersey Girl


  • Caramel Cat

    She by Sheree hands down…that ‘closet freak’ stuff by lise looks cheap and poorly put together…

  • GG

    They both look cheap and cheesy. They should market this to K-Mart, there is nothing high fashion about any of them. I may pay about $15 for one of the shirts on Sheree’s line but I can’t see myself paying more than this.

  • The Official MRS GLOK

    Closet Freak is a cuter name (love the name), but She by Sheree has a cuter variety of clothing.

  • Ne Ne aka iB@S

    @ 1st poster
    i was thinking the same thing
    plz get that girl some lotion…baby oil…hell something

  • TastesMinty

    I definitley like Sheree’s line better, but I didn’t like it when she was pulln all on Kim’s wig though. That wasn’t right. She wouldn’t have pulled that with NeNe…she woulda got knocked the “f” out for sure!

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