Seen on the Scene: Rihanna & Eve

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Rihanna was all incognito while shopping at the Grove earlier today. She sure does like to get her shop on, as well as her free publicity. Note her sour expression. It’s most likely it’s due to the stares of those sleazy looking dudes behind her (see thumbnails).

Check out pics of Eve at some event for her hair stylist Ken Paves and more pics of Rihanna performing in San Francisco recently now

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  • southside superstar

    i like her sunglasses and jacket

  • Harlem World

    Rihanna looks dumb good. If I was on that street I would try to holla!

  • wad up

    4th riri looking good as always

  • bree

    her jacket is glad to see her covered up during that san fran performance


    Those them “club/back alley” stares…you get some of those looks you are about to get fondled….



  • msjlh

    who is dude behind her in the second and third pic? Now he looks certifiably psycho.

  • msjlh

    the guy in the maroon hat and shirt?

  • WINO

    rihanna looks fabulous. She’s truly a style icon for us girls. I love her style.

  • m

    actually-chris brown was def there. they have his pic sitting on a bench at the grove on other black blogs

  • Lili

    No wonder Eve’s weaves have been kind of iffy…she’s going to a White stylist. lol The average Black stylist can do that honeycomb weaving style…Oh well.

    Ri looks casual and relaxed. Surprised she’s out w/out security. They’re prolly close behind.

  • Southern Belle 225

    The photogs may have actually saved Rihanna from being attacked by the fatty pig man in the background. Had she been really alone, he probably would have dragged her off somewheres. But she looks fly as usual. I don’t care about her not being able to sing or dance. She is stylish as hell so that’s her talent and she gets an A+. I can’t stand Eve’s ass no more. Don’t know why but I just don’t. That is all.

  • Monique

    rihanna is the shyt!

  • leave it be(searching for WESSIE and some jelly beans)

    Those them “club/back alley” stares…you get some of those looks you are about to get fondled….

    you aint neva lied! 🙂

  • Celebrity CSI

    Rihanna should have her bodyguards with her at all times because of obsessed fans or just crazies in general. When you reach that type of popularity, it’s a must. Look at what’s happening to Tyra & her stalker. On a lighter note, Rihanna looks fab.

  • TaShA

    rihanna!! her hair is always cute…EXCEPT 4 when u see it from the back. SMDH. what is THAT??? damn!! she really needs to handle the back of that head IMMEDIATELY.

  • Cage

    I’d smash Eve…

  • Nadia

    SMH at people on here complimenting this talentless girl’s STYLIST’S style meanwhile these same people be bashing artists with REAL talent. SMH This is a sign of the world coming to an end. I would rather have incredible talent over having a stylist dress me any day. People are going to get sick of her stylist some day then what? What talent does she have to fall back on? See you can always tell the difference between the making of legends and the ones who will only be around a few years. SMH

  • I'm Just Me

    Ri RI looks cute!

    Eve looks Great!

  • hunnybunz

    OMG – Really…whats her claim to fame?? Those lackluster club songs that any Brittany Spears wanna-be can conjure up with the right writing team!! Style?? – jeans, dresses with cute sandals, average jackets: I see sistahs on the NYC Subway with a better sense of style…. I’m so sick of this broad being compared to real entertainers with talent – when is her 15 minutes up??!!

  • hunnybunz

    @ Nadia:

    Allllll roight!

  • Reality

    She might not can sing but her cloths r always on point..those men r looking really suspect she need to always have her bodyguards!!


    I hope this is just a bad picture, She’s she has come back to the States she seems to be going through something. I hope it’s not the C.B. getting her down.

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Rihanna definitely has one of the best stylist in the entertainment business right now, I hope she/he is getting paid real well because Rihanna hasn’t looked bad for a minute now…

  • Dixon_Girl

    I LOVE shopping @ The Grove….L.A. is so fun when it comes to clothing! 🙂

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