Tina Campbell Pens Open Letter About Trump Support

Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Adds Herself To The Cancellation List With Her Holy-Rolling Trump Support

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Tina Campbell Pens Open Letter About Trump Support

Welp, go on and lump Tina Campbell in with the Chrisette Micheles and Steve Harveys of America, because she just went deep out of her way to express her unconditional and undying support of Donald Trump, and her trust that he’s an instrument of God’s positive will for America…or something.

Tina took to Facebook to give her perspective on the new Commander-in-Cheeto, saying that she chooses to believe that Trump believes what she believes and is is

Much like the India Arie letter from the other day…it is LENGTHY — but worth a full read if you just plain have nothing else to do at the moment.

But basically, Tina says she stands with the new President and is praying for God to use him as the tool she knows he can be to effectively lead this nation. In fact, she says forgives and disregards any BS Trump has ever said or done, and she’s biblically bound by the word of God accept and trust any leader presented to her…and she prays we’ll all follow suit.

Here are some excerpts to sum it up:

Despite the unfortunate reality that we live in a country which is divided by our differences, misguided by ignorance and fear, obsessed with power, and overcome with greed, I still choose to believe that better days are coming. I believe that, although America and all of its leaders are far from perfect, our spiritual guidance and covering that has been granted from our initial decision to be “One nation under God,” is what has established us as the great nation that we are.

I understand that Mr. Donald Trump is our new president, not our God, so as a citizen I choose to have a sensible expectation of him, accompanied by much prayer for him, and a complete dependency on God to work through him, as well as the others that are in office, to secure the welfare of this nation. I choose to opt out of fear of the unknown but rather opt in to hopeful expectation because if God is for us nothing can successfully stand against us.

I believe that no creed, nor color, nor class, nor status of people are better than the other, but we are all valuable; we are all necessary. I believe that all people and all lives matter, including that of Mr. Donald Trump and his family. I believe that the leaders of this nation should protect the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every single one of its citizens. And, I choose to believe that Mr. Donald Trump shares this same belief.

…based on what? How is she surmising that Trump shares ANY of the aforementioned beliefs based on…literally anything that he’s ever said? Um…MUSLIM BAN anyone? But, go on…

I believe that neither Mr. Donald Trump, nor any of us, are the sum of our mistakes, but instead, we are the sum of the potential and greatness that God, our creator, has deposited inside of us. I choose not to discredit that potential and greatness inside of Mr. Donald Trump simply because my previous perception of him has not been as great as the God who masterminded his existence.

President Donald Trump is the elected leader of this nation so, as a citizen, I choose to be for him. This is not a statement of agreement with all that has been, nor all that will be. It is a statement of a mature, responsible citizen who knows that a perspective, a strategy, or even a fight based in understanding, love, and a willingness to work together as we move forward, accomplishes more and goes much farther than a strategy based in anger, rage, fear, complaints, utter contempt, constant disagreeableness, and noncooperation.

I choose to believe in President Donald Trump. I choose to stand with him, and pray for him; because, as a follower of Jesus Christ and a firm believer in the Holy Bible, according to 1 Timothy 2:1-3, I have been commanded to.

I choose to believe that America is great, always has been great, and is becoming greater because it is in God that we trust. He is the founding father of this nation, and there is no failure in Him. I chose to believe that a people led by President Donald Trump, united under God, will never be defeated.

Man, where was her Inaguration invite when she needed it?

Hey, if that works for Tina, she can keep it. But we see the meme storm and the wrath of Black Twitter brewing on the horizon…


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