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Snowflake Was A Person Opposed To The End Of Slavery

America’s new favorite slur has a very interesting past according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The term ‘snowflake’ has taken on a meaning of an overly sensitive, liberal white person who believes their ideas and existence is unique and special.



Not so fast says the all-knowing dictionary….

In Missouri in the early 1860s, a “Snowflake” was a person who was opposed to the abolition of slavery—the implication of the name being that such people valued white people over black people. The Snowflakes hoped slavery would survive the country’s civil war, and were contrasted with two other groups. The Claybanks (whose name came from the colorless color of the local terrestrial clay) wanted a gradual transition out of slavery for slaves, with eventual freedom accompanied by compensation to slave owners; the Charcoals—who were also called Brown Radicals—wanted immediate emancipation and for black people to be able to enlist in the armed forces.

Meriam Webster with the sassy shade!

Who knew?




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