Real Housewives of Atlanta: Who is Kandi’s Baby Daddy???

- By Bossip Staff

In the video above, Kandi explained how her daughter Riley does not have a relationship with her father. Well, we finally confirmed who this dead beat dad is.

Pop the Hood to Find Out…

Block of Bad Boy South, Diddy’s little sidekick, is Riley’s father. Such a shame when a father is not involved in a child’s life. Even though AJ has six kids, he’s not running away from his responsibilities. Maybe if he wasn’t playing with Diddy then he would have time for his kid. Block get your sh*t together because from the looks of it, you’re MISSING OUT on a great kid. SMH

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  • Dior



    That little girl is so pretty and she looks just like that man. SMH. Step up to the plate whoever the hell you are!!!

  • Nun Like Baton Rouge

    Get the gun! Thats all i can say

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Awww@the end part.

    I can never hate when people come real. On “reality” television, it’s a novelty.

    Her daughter is cute! 🙂

  • http://bossip REAL ROXANNE

    A DNA test is definately in order. Lil Riley is too pretty to be either of their daughter. I’m guessing her real baby daddy is so of light-skinned

  • http://bossip REAL ROXANNE

    A DNA test is definately in order. Lil Riley is too pretty to be either of their daughter. I’m guessing her real baby daddy is sort of light skinned.

  • Nanette

    I am not suprised, Theres evidence she is a dingy chic with not much brain when it comes to picking men. Besides, only a stupid woman would put that color in her hair and make it look like a chicken or rooster. Besides she need to pay more attention to her daughter and listen to Mom’s advice.

  • http://bossip REAL ROXANNE

    By the way Kandi, your mommy’s right. He’s a SCRUB. How ironic — wasn’t it you who even wrote that song for TLC (my fav group)??


  • MiamiMommie

    that little girl is so cute! and Kandi is a great mom..I don’t think AJ is “The One” and I hope Kandi makes the right move. Kandi if you read this please pray every day until your wedding day for god to show you the truth and be patient. If it’s meant to be then every thing will easily slide into place.

  • pistol whipped

    There hard to look at.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    She has poor choices in men, picking all the wrong men, i think these losers see desperate written on her forehead. Be a little patient and make right the right choice.

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  • SexyCANI

    That child looks like her daddy. Look at that smile eyes, nose. You are the FATHER

  • Sugamama

    I love you on the show Kandi you are holding it down. I am glad you told NeNe off, she is nothing but a hater. Keep making that momey mama.

  • chocolate chip

    I was rooting for Kandi but the last episode showed me that Kandi is very bright- and very naive. A man that would lie about how many kids he has is certainly not a man that feels his kids are special. AJ is ugly and I bet Kandi bought her own ring. What does that Negroe do for a living. can you imagine how much child support he is suppose to pay and how much would be left for Kandi. Kandi RUN- listen to your mom- Her mom is so pretty- Kandi’s mother if your reading don’t allow the wedding-save your grandbaby

  • chocolate chip

    typo- Kandi is NOT very bright and very naive

  • Gaviota


  • Cala

    Riley is a beautiful and intelligent little girl. As she gets older, she’ll start to realize what her father’s really about. I wouldn’t be surprised now if she already knows he’s a loser.

    I bet when she’s graduating from school with honors or receiving some other kind of awards, he’ll be saying “that’s my baby”.

    Losers like this need to be put on an island far away from women. Then again, that would mean 2/3 of the male, black race would be gone.

  • The Bear

    Man, I just think that Kandi is an incredible person. I love that she keeps it so REAL and doesn’t let the industry stuff go to her head.

    Too bad I never met her before she linked with A.J… but I wish them happiness and prosperity. And that happiness is not for any of us to decide.

    @ Cala
    I think 2/3 is a bit exagerated.I’m hopeful that its gonna get better in years to come though.

  • Mrs. Stacks

    The man has yet to speak one on one to Kandi’s mom. No wonder she doesn’t like this cat. What parent in their right mind wants their child to settle down with someone who has 6 kids by four different women? No parent that i know of. And i thought it was a little strange that she asked him when will he find the time to sit down and talk to her mom about the marriage things and the kids situaiton and he said that he would do it soon? Fool what’s taking you so long? You should have done that out the gate when you proposed. See, he showed me right there that he wasn’t the one. A real man would have handled that right out the gate. Put mom’s fears to rest or atleast given her some breathing room.

  • sixfoota


    except for da baby

  • Mrs. Jones

    I just knew it would be Tyler Perry because that who she looked like. Never heard of Block, but he needs to spend time with his daughter. Why arent black people practicing safe sex!!!!!?! If you are not ready to be a father, wrap it up, or get a vesectomy. I mean DAYUM!!!

  • Baller


  • ME ME ME

    NO Tiny from Xscape wrote that song “No Scrubs”…. NOT KANDI!

  • http://yahoo kikipani


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