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Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Ellen Pompeo meet up for a Birthday Bash

On Saturday, Lifetime aired the RomCom “Love by the 10th Date,” with Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson, Meagan Good, and Kellee Stewart. In the movie, Good and Stewart’s characters are trying hard to make it to “the elusive ’10th date,’ the Holy Grail in the dating world when women believe men are finally committed,” as the network explained. But in real like, Rowland and her husband Tim Witherspoon knew well before date 10 the love was real.

“He said he knew [he was in love] by the first date,” Rowland told ABC news. “I knew the third date. I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I got nervous — to be completely honest — because I was like, this feels like my husband.”


On The Problematic And Unnecessary White Saviors In Hidden Figures


For those who have seen the movie, you’ll remember that the fact Katherine Johnson, played by Taraji P. Henson, had to run half an hour just to use the Colored Ladies restroom was a huge part of the storyline. It affected her work, having to take hour long breaks just to walk back and forth from the restroom. And one day her boss, played by Kevin Costner, asked why she was often missing from her desk. After running an hour in the rain, Katherine, soaking wet, starts yelling as she explains that racism and segregation is the reason she’s missing in action so often.

In a grand and dramatic gesture, Kevin Costner, followed by a throng of people, takes a crowbar, treks the 30 minutes to the Colored restroom and bashes the sign until it falls to the ground. Once the sign has been forcibly removed, Costner looks at the crowd, which has increased since he first began, and says, “No more Colored restrooms. No more White restrooms…Here at NASA, we all pee the same color.”

It was over the top and powerful. It made a statement. And it was entirely false.


Akon Calls Trump “Most Courageous President” Ever But Issues A Challenge


Akon has been quietly keeping his music career going and while overseeing his philanthropic efforts to bring electricity to Africa. The Senegalese-American singer came forth in a new video declaring President Donald Trump as “courageous” but did so as he blasted the former mogul for not having enough nuance in the position he now wields.

Akon took to a cell phone video picked up by TMZ to speak to his fans about President Trump’s tough-talking ways. In the clip, the singer suggests that former president Barack Obama was a far more gentle diplomat than the gun-slinging ways of America’s current leader. He added that while he thought Trump was the “most courageous president ever,” Akon stressed that there needs to be a different approach as it relates to foreign affairs.

It appears that Akon might have been inspired to speak on the president, this after the fiasco this weekend regarding the so-called “Muslim ban” executive order that has dominated the news cycle since the weekend.


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