Weezy Wants 20 Minute Dedications

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Mister F. Baby is featured in the May ’08 issue of Vibe magazine and shares his thoughts on a few topics:

His response when questioned about his lifestyle:

Don’t judge me until you meet me. And you know when you gonna meet me? Never. So don’t judge me. Don’t worry about my health because what you doing? And when you tell me what you doing, I bet it ain’t half as great as what I’m doing. I smoke, drink, and do what, who, and how I want and I’m going to keep doing. And I’ma die the way I want. And that’s that.

On his legacy:

I wanna be a Bob Marley. I wanna be a Tupac. ­Their lives mean so much. I wanna mean so much after I’m gone. Y’all still gotta do shows, tributes, dedicate 20 whole minutes to me on every show. I want that.

Lil Wayne on wanting respect as an artist:

I still feel like I’m not being respected. I still feel like I don’t have the crown. I still feel like there’s something I have to do that hasn’t been done.

Wayne on his love for making music:

I love the studio. It feels like going into a classroom, you know you didn’t study everything, the test gets in front of you, and you’re like Damn, I know all the answers. That’s how I feel when I get in the studio, like Damn, I know all the answers.

On his addiction to syrup and suffering from withdrawal:

You will literally feel it going in, like Pepto-Bismol shows in the commercials. It pissed me off Because I couldn’t get off it. I can take pain good but that wasn’t pain I could take.

His response when asked if he’s scared of death:

F— no. I’m more afraid of life than death. I don’t know where you going when you die, so I ain’t too scared of that. I already know what’s poppin’ around here. It’s scary out here.

So that pretty much means he’s still on that sizzurp. Poor thang.

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