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Da Brat was spotted in London last night looking stud-like as usual. She looks like a mini-Dennis Rodman in all that damn Ed Hardy gear.

Meanwhile, Mariah Carey was photographed at arriving at her London hotel:

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  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    ….when she did her female thing she was sooo pretty..but that didn’t last long…that whole Chris Cross’s older brother look with nail tips and lipstick is one big ole oxymoron…..

  • da darkness

    I just met a chic in the office i’d assummed was a dyke so i started small talk. she showed me her girl then she showed her tits. odd right. says they been together for five years. i would love to hit but imagine the talk up in here that i’m tapp’in the dyke. career would be gone always those effing consequneces. lmao

  • showme yourbest

    She’s attractive. Sometimes she stands out among a group of girls. I’ve seen her albums at the celeb site “millionair ecupid.com” in the past. She is very attractive and popular among tens of celebrities.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    Am I the only one who remembers that Brat used to like men? Does no one remember when she was straight up battling with Arnelle Simpson (OJ’s daughter) over Allen Iverson? They had no shame in that battle and both lost.

  • yanib

    Lipstick doesn’t help her look. And could someone please smack them beads out of her hair. That isn’t a good look past 6 years old.

  • swoosh


  • I'm Just Me

    I agree with Yanib! Lipstick is not helping the look at all. It makes her look a little more random. Is she tagging along with MC all the time? I mean dayum…Shouldn’t Chauntay get back in the studio and pump out a hit or two?

    @Bird.I am not so sure she ever like men. I just think now she doesn’t care that the world knows that she likes women.

    The real question is: Will she be making any music soon to support or own @$$ or while she be MC’s twiddle dum forever?

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Please tell me that Mimi was not traveling with that smick smack azz luggage shown.

  • White_Chick


  • Saucy

    Mariah looks so cute. I like her new slimmed down look.

  • lil latte

    I wonder if Mariah counts Da Brat on the same hand as her other lovers she’s been with…

  • kamikaze

    So is it safe to say that Mariah and the Brat are girlfriends?? I think its DOPE cuz Mariah’s a certified dime… Da Brat’s style is a little dated but hey thats what happens to the old studs in the game. They start fallin off, coming one or two years late on the fashion every year.. Ohh well.

  • beautiful b

    hollywood butch club, theyh all run together. is this why mariah always “appears” to be single. the crowd is wondering.

  • mjoylaw

    maybe they are workin together, which would obviously be GREAT for Brat..I have never heard of Mimi playin for the same team.. that said, yes Brat, just because you are lesbian does not mean you HAVE to rock the whole butch thing..Mariah while you allowing her shopping sprees, spring for BOTH UH YALL to have a makeover done by a professional stylist! JMO

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus believes Da Brat stole the missing tapes of Kris Kross and has been passing the lyrics off as her own.

  • jusplayit04 The Great

    Maria Carey and her-boyfriend are at it again.

  • SoSo

    Brat is too old to be dressin like that. And she need to give that hairstyle up. Its 2008! I liked the “what do you like” brat video cuz she actually look like a femaale. How can her and lisa raye be related???

  • Suzie

    The sneakers are tight, I want a pair. You do you Brat,

  • The Glass Cat

    Brat needs to grow-up.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    I look at this pic and all I can do is snicker…really, she’s too old to dress like this. But ya know, if that’s her style, what can you do? *shrugging* Love Mariah’s top.

  • misstee2U

    mariah always makes a $2000 outfit look like it costs $2. she’s a hot mess. her and brat? like brother and sister just like chris and rih rih…

  • jen

    Is she ever going to grow up is the question? It is obvious by now that she and Mariah are an item. It isn’t as if she is working on any music Brat has not done much in a min. Why go on celebrity fit club if you are not going tokeep it up she loks bigger than when she went on the show.

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    well atleast she tried with the lipstick.. give her some credit..

    are they really datin tho?? cuz they were together for like her bday

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    bet u they stayin at the same place!!

  • msblu

    I see MiMi slapped a few white stripes on her black dress!!! All that money and she always looks sooo cheap!! You would think with a closet that looks like a high end clothing store she would be killin’ the fashion game. NOT! I see Brat is their with her to munch on her carpet!!!

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