Flight Attendant Talks About Experience Saving Trafficking Victim

Quick Thinking Flight Attendant Rescues Human Trafficking Victim [VIDEO]

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Flight Attendant Alerts Police After Human Trafficking Victim Passes Message In Bathroom

Believe it or not, human trafficking is a serious issue in America. Fortunately, there are quick thinking flight attendants like Sheila Frederick on the job.


Frederick has been sharing a personal story about how she helped save a trafficking victim on one of her flights in 2011.

“Something in the back of my mind said something is not right,” Frederick told WTSP.

Frederick said the girl wouldn’t look at her or respond to questions, the man she was flying with answered everything.

“He was well dressed, that’s what kind of got me because why is he well dressed and she is looking disheveled and out of sorts,” Frederick said.

Frederick was able to tell the girl under her breath to go to the bathroom. The veteran flight attendant put a note on the mirror for her.

“She wrote on the note she needed help,” Frederick said.

Frederick notified the pilot who alerted police. She had just saved a teenage girl from being a victim of human trafficking.

Amazing! We’re so glad she was able to help. Frederick says she’s even kept in touch with the girl over the years and that she’s now in college and doing much better.

“I put my phone number on the note that I left for her and I guess she memorized it, so a few weeks later, she called me,” Frederick said.

Flight attendants have now been trained to look for the signs of human trafficking which include someone who appears to be being controlled, who is bruised or battered or someone who won’t answer questions or make eye contact.

Would you be able to help if you think you saw someone in that situation?


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