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Katherine Jackson Suffers Elder Abuse By Nephew Trent

The matriarch of the Jackson family, Katherine Jackson, has filed a restraining order against her nephew amid claims that she has become a victim of elder abuse.

According to TMZ, the order was filed against Trent Lamar Jackson. The papers pinpoint Trent as an “abusive con-man” who took advantage of an aging Mrs. Jackson for the last few years in an effort to control her finances, love rent-free in her guest house, and keep her away from her children so they wouldn’t intervene with his plans.

The 86-year-old also reportedly believes that Trent’s been siphoning money from her accounts. She says that he closely monitors her conversations with her own kids, and she has to go so far as to hide in her closet so she can speak freely to them. Her kids are willing to testify against Trent in court.

Katherine is currently in London visiting Janet and the new baby, but says she fears what Trent might do to her on her return home, now that his actions have been revealed.

She tried to fire Trent from his 6-figre job as her driver with the Sheriff present for safety just last week, but says that Trent took off just as the cops and her lawyer arrived on the scene.

Trent now has to stay 100 yards away from Katherine, move out of her guest house, and return all his keys to her properties.

SMH! No wonder Paris was concerned about her grandmother all those years ago! Who knows how long this has been going on. You would think one of her kids would have stepped in long ago to put a stop to all of this…




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