*Exclusive Pics*: Ludacris is Getting Into the Liquor Business

- By Bossip Staff

Ludacris hit up a club in Miami last night to promote his new cognac, Conjure. He’s been making his way around trying to put this new product down people’s throats but still haven’t heard to much about it. Flo-rida was also in the building.

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Images via Polo Deliazrd~ Ease Photography

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  • anon09


  • Royal Chocolate

    I don’t blame him…….make that $$$$

  • Alrighty Then...

    yay. just what we need. more liquor. hoorah.

  • %#&?!!

    come on luda?!?!
    in this day and age. volatile, negative, etc.
    all u can come up w/ is more poison for the people??? smdh! we must do better.

  • Bigfish

    Oh,oh,I’m looking at the wrong kind of magazine didn’t know it is just for blacks.I’m gone.

  • http://www.myspace.com/missmonica82 MissMonica


  • Hollywood Lawyer

    i have tried it and its actually pretty good… tastes like alize but not as fruity… strong after taste like grand marnier..

    oh, and luda is short!!!!!!! i was shocked… like 5’7

  • Mavis Becon

    That’s not the type of business a young should go into.

  • PinkMe

    @ Unbought and Unafraid, Um…I wouldn’t call a man that has sold somewhere around 20 million albums, owns a restaurant and has his own label with a long term distribution deal with Def Jam… someone who doesn’t have much business savvy. Granted he has partners, but still, he’s getting s*** done! I’m sure this is more like a “soft opening” there will be more marketing and eventually his cognac will catch on. I have tasted Conjure and I agree with Hollywood Lawyer, it’s good! Like a sweeter lighter version of Hennessey.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    Do they market it to thugs and skeezers? Because that’s all I see at this event. Besides that having your name on a liquor product is not guaranteed to bring in big bucks. Being the manufacturer and distributor is where the money is at. I would equate this to me buying a coin operated laundry matt and expecting to get rich off of it. All this will do is generate another revenue sorce for him with very little invested. Sort of like endorsing a product that you don’t actually own.

  • Yoda aka. TriniBwoy

    Another poison pusher. Small Fry, get that money no matter what.

  • dmo

    Hey if you don’t drink, don’t get it, it’s simple. I’m going to give it a taste soon.

  • http://gossiboocrew.com/2009/09/17/ludacris-buys-himself-a-big-new-shinny-toy-are-you-compensating-for-something-else-luda/ Ludacris Buys Himself A Big New Shinny Toy…Are You Compensating For Something Else Luda? « GOSSIBOO

    […] under the bright sunlit streets of Hollywood. Dreams come true huh Luda or is it your new  cognac, Conjure,  kicking in. The cash flow must be flooding in. Big money no whammy […]

  • jaquan

    m your biggest fann

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