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Hollywood pregnancy

Fertility Treatments May Be Behind Uptick In Hollywood Babies

This week, Beyoncé slayed the Grammy Awards while heavily pregnant with twins. Last week, George and Amal Clooney announced they too were pregnant with twins. And the week before that, Pharrell announced his wife Helen delivered triplets.

Hollywood is in the grip of a multiple birth baby boom of sorts – but it’s not something in the water out there in Southern California. It’s likely down to fertility treatments.

Indeed, all the women in question were aged 35 and over – the time when a woman’s fertility starts to wane, said Dr. Jaime M Knopman, a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist who serves as the Director of Fertility Preservation for CCRM New York.

“I don’t know if Beyoncé or Amal did IVF, but I would think they probably did fertility treatments because they are both over the age of 35, and that’s a huge risk factor,” she said.

Hollywood pregnancy

Dr. Knopman added: “In Hollywood, the story is very much like Manhattan. Most of the fertility patients we see here are women of an advanced age. It’s not surprising that they are experiencing the same fertility issues that other women are.”

Not all of Hollywood has been so closed-mouthed on their fertility treatment use. Chrissy Tiegen has admitted to using IVF for her and hubby John Legend’s baby girl, Luna, and even using a genetic panel to choose the baby’s sex.

There are two ways to go about increasing a woman’s fertility: the first is the cheapest option, taking a pill called Clomid, which will encourage a woman to release two or three eggs when she ovulates. Without insurance, the pill costs about $10 a pop, and with insemination and doctor monitoring, the cost runs about $400 or $500, Dr. Knopman said.

The second, more expensive route is IVF, where a woman is injected to produce 15 to 20 eggs; those eggs are removed and inseminated with sperm, and then put back into the woman’s uterus. Without insurance, that will set you back $10,000 to $12,000.

Hollywood pregnancy

But Dr. Knopman said although multiple births appear to have become a fad in Hollywood, she and her colleagues caution women against them – they can contribute to stress on the mother, like high blood pressure and diabetes.

“Twins are great,” Dr. Knopman said, “but we are more cognizant about multiples and we do recommend to reduce multiples.”



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