James Charles' Racist Ebola Comment

Highlight & Headass: Cover Girl’s Ambassador Is Getting Blasted For Being Racist

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James Charles Blasted For Racist Ebola Comment

Cover Girl’s first male ambassador is getting blasted for a tweet he made about the continent of Africa.

James Charles, the 17-year-old who broke barriers with his new position, apparently thought it’d be cute to joke abut catching Ebola in Africa and may have just ruined his brand in 140 characters or less.

“I can’t believe we’re going to Afric today omg what if we get Ebola?” wrote the teen according to Affinity Mag who caught the tweet before he deleted it.


Justine Sacco much???

He then reacted angrily towards fans who called him out for his racism as if alluding to the only thing Africa has is a disease, is okay.



You done messed up now, boy!

Angry fans are now “canceling” James and urging Cover Girl to do the same.

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James has since apologized, but people are wondering if he’s just trying to save face, or really realizes why his comment was ignorant.


  Hit the flip to see what he said.


James is offering a “non-bulls*** a** apology.”

“As a white cis male, I recognize my privilege and would never want that taken for granted, but I f***d up. […] I feel awful for posting what I said.”


Suuuuuure ya do James.

Do you buy it???


He’s since noted that Africa’s isn’t a country.




James is extremely sorry and “takes full responsibility.”

Is that enough to keep his Cover Girl endorsement???

People are still (rightfully) pissed and want him canceled.

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