Ryan Murphy Says ‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 Will Be Based On The 2016 Election

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They won’t even have to change much

‘American Horror Story’ To Be Based On Trump Triumph

The next season of ‘American Horror Story’ should be particularly scary…

Instead of focusing on killer clowns or haunted hotels, this season will highlight a Horror we’re all actually living through…the election of Donald J. Trump.

The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, appeared on ‘Watch What Happpens Live’ yesterday and revealed that he’s not sure what to call it yet, but that’s a true horror that he’s sure a lot of people will be able to get into.

Yeah…it should be interesting all right. The sad part…they won’t really have to do much to twist the real events to highlight the horror of it all. We’d say this is pretty close to living in a nightmare as is…


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