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Popular Muslim Teacher From Wales Removed From Flight Despite Halt On Travel Ban

The courts have struck down Chief-Cheeto-In-Charge’s travel ban but Muslims all over the world continue to have issues entering the U.S. Just last Thursday Juhel Miah, a British Muslim math teacher traveling to NY along with a party of students and teachers from South Wales, was removed from a flight leaving Reykjavik for New York.

According to The Guardian reports Miah was escorted from the aircraft on February 16th by security personnel — leaving students and colleagues from Llangatwg (the South Wales school where Miah is described as a popular and respected math teacher) shocked and distressed. The trip proceeded according to plan otherwise and Miah returned to Wales while his employer, Neath Port Talbot council wrote to the US embassy in London asking for an explanation.

A council spokesman said Miah, who had valid visa documentation, was left feeling belittled at what it described as “an unjustified act of discrimination”. The council said the teacher is a British citizen and does not have dual nationality.

The spokesman said: “Juhel Miah was with a party from Llangatwg comprehensive who traveled initially to Iceland en route to New York last week. Mr Miah boarded the onward flight in Reykjavik on 16 February but was escorted from the aircraft by security personnel. Whilst the school trip proceeded as planned, Mr Miah’s removal from the flight left pupils and colleagues shocked and distressed.”

The spokesman continued: “We are appalled by the treatment of Mr Miah and are demanding an explanation. The matter has also been raised with our local MP.

This is all just crazy. So people are being pulled from flights with no explanation? They’re not being rebooked? Racism is being allowed to run amuck? We may not be Mr. Miah’s employer but we need answers!




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