Tony Yayo Has Had 10 Mil?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

50 Cent chats about G-Unit, their stack game, and Young Buck:

Each person in G-Unit has earned over $10 million in their career at this point. Outside of the guys that didn’t release product — M.O.P., Spider Loc, Olivia — the guys that had their project go out physically. I didn’t say they have $10 million, I said they’ve seen $10 million. What they did with their paper, I don’t know.”

“I think you have to give them something to blow it out of proportion. Buck did that. I think that what he was saying, in order to validate himself as a man, he feels he has to go against what I’m doing, similar to some of the things we’ve seen from Game … [But then] he’ll back off of it, when we’re in direct conversation. When he’s out in public, he’ll say something. They’re like my younger brothers, but they’ll do sh– for attention. They’ll do things, then when I look like, ‘What are you doing?’ They’ll be like, ‘Oh, nah, because you was doing this. … Because you didn’t call me when you were on the international tour.’ I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me? You didn’t call neither, so what does that mean?’ “

What a bunch of gaylords. They stay bickering like a bunch of b*tches.

Click here to listen to G-Unit’s newest track “I Like The Way She Do It.”


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    I STILL cant get over those lips…on all they asses…

  • White_Chick

    lol@ Nikki Underwood… I didnt notice at first… Now I cant stop looking!!!! Its making me a little thirsy though..

  • White_Chick


  • Kompton's Kutie

    They sound like B*tches!

    “You didn’t call me. Well you didn’t call me neither”…this sounds like some B*tches I know.

    This is sooooo High School!<–(valley voice)

    Grow Up!

  • Kel

    Lloyd’s lips………. yummmmmmmmmmm

  • Cage

    10 mil each? That’s cause each one of them got to look at 50’s money…. Buck & Banks, leave while you still got a chance… He’ll turn you into r&b singers.

  • why?why?why?

    Gaylords??? BWAAAHHHAAA!!!! Totally!

  • I'm Just Me

    @ CAGE

    Is Buck with the Unit or not?

  • Ange

    “gaylords” … I love it. LMAO

  • circa-81

    I thought the G-Unit thing was going to end as soon as it started. But, the dude’s got love for each other, and managed to keep it going. And they do drop some hot sh!t sometimes. If the crew have seen 10 million apiece congrats to them; I wonder will they let me borrow some guape. 😉

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Cage…what’s good fam?

    “Buck & Banks, leave while you still got a chance… He’ll turn you into r&b singers.”

    I’m just gonna SMH and walk outta this post…CTFU!!

  • parkson36

    Yes, tony is very rich and wealthy. I’ve seen him an income verified milllionaire at the milllionaire club wealthychats com a few weeks ago.

  • Lissabkny

    So funny. I haven’t heard the word “Gaylord” in a hot minute. LOL

  • Bird

    This is why Game left this dude and why I respect him as a man. Apparently an artist got to have their head all up his ass to even be told about tour dates. What kind of mess is that? Anyone sticking with this cat has teeny tiny testicles.

  • ms meca

    wait when buck cut off his braids?

  • Louisiana Hot Gyrl

    G-Unit is so played out …….Next

  • ms meca


  • ms meca

    love to jay and diddy .. but g-unit gets no love…

  • ms meca

    smilin with a ponytail

  • ms meca

    sorry the south wont be dyin down any time soon

  • Bird


    What facts are you talking about? You don’t know me. Ain’t never met me a day in your life. Like you, on most blogs I am wilder than my usual self.

  • Brittney

    I can’t believe BUCK cuz his hair..


  • Ooooops

    The south wont be dying anytime soon…

    They won’t be getting as money much money as G-Unit anytime soon either. The south will keep masterbating with themselves will these dudes is other in Hawaii and SOUTH AFRICA gettin big show money. How’s that for south?

  • Rambo

    @ bird your wilder…

    im calmer…

    and i ve seen your piac with you smilin on myspace…

    dont play me!!!

  • Donald R. King, posting as Bones Jordan

    @ Ooops, I feel your hatred of crunk music.

    At any rate, G Unit sucks, Fifty got paid beyond his wildest dreams, so who cares?

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