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Puffy is clueless when it comes to marriage:

“I don’t know how marriage works. If you’re raised by a married couple, you see how they interact; their good days, their bad days, how they work through things – you see the love. I wasn’t brought up like that and I still don’t know to do it. I never saw (my parents’) relationship up-close, so every time I’ve been in a relationship I haven’t known what to do and that’s really scared me.”

Not like this is a surprise or anything, but Kim Porter needs to just throw in the towel right now. Apparently this cat is never gonna get married, he’s too busy swimming in actresses and side deals.


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  • beautiful b

    ouffy dont wanna ring!!

  • da darkness

    down with the king!

  • slimting

    This is “his story” and he is sticking to it! LOL

  • beautiful b

    **ooh check them typos!! puffy ass is not gonna get married and if he does trust it will be the most airtight preunp that EVER was signed. he aint giving up a dime 🙂

  • Cage

    So what? Let him live his life single, he a half a fag anyways… Free Shyne-Po.

  • da darkness

    Yo sun swaggery is like A+ I feel home. like if i was in MIA for memorial weekend me and my wifey would be on shaky grounds. jeez… but for the kids(no kids here)sake i’d keep it on the lo.

  • Al-Anon

    What’s ironic about this is that instead of “trying” to establish and maintain a relationship, he is going to “breed a new generation of children” that don’t know how to have a sucessful relationship either!!!

  • AmericanICON

    I blame my parent for being a W.H.O.R.E ..so Diddy i completly understand…he just needs a better therapist is all…

  • Southern Belle 225

    @Cage…okay! But Imma need for him to stop spreading his seed everywhere! If he keeps it up, he’s gonna be working just to keep up with child support.

    This should not surprise anyone considering his track record with women. But this should be a clue to all his current and future skanks. This dude isn’t about to wife you and if he does, he isn’t going to know what to do so he wont treat you right!

  • Tom3636

    It’s a nice couple. Congrats to them. But I remembered I’ve seen her profile at the celebrity singles site wealthychats com a few days ago. She should get rid of her dating profile since she is ready for marriage.

  • victory is mine

    that’s sad because what is it teaching his kids especially his daughters….that it’s okay for you to be somones sperm receptacle but not a wife…

  • http://yahoo.com intuitivepisces

    Puffy needs to man up. I wish he would have thought about “being scared” when he started making babies. Why blame his doggish ways on not seeing his parents interact as a married couple should. Puffy, your a grown a$$ man…even if you had no examples at home, you’re smart enough to figure it out or pay someone to show you how it’s done. Negro, please.

  • http://yahoo.com intuitivepisces


    **…you’re a grown…

  • pm

    If I had that much money I would be single for ever too..goldiggin has become a profession nowadays

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Ahhh, stop with the violins Puff, head to your nearest Borders and pick up a couple of books in the relationships section.

  • http://yahoo.com intuitivepisces

    “that’s sad because what is it teaching his kids especially his daughters….that it’s okay for you to be somones sperm receptacle but not a wife…”

    @ Victory

    so true.

  • Milio

    @intuitivepisces & victory is mine

    You are dead on. Sad isn’t it.

  • statim08

    Excuses, excuses. Plenty of people grew up in divorced or single head of household homes and they make marriage work. And he got all that money to get therapy too.

  • ShavonDensie

    I mean, Im glad he’s honest. Some people get married just because they are supposed to. Lookit would you rather for him to marry her and cheat on her, or when he knows he cant be monogamous?

  • Al-Anon


    Plenty of people grew up in divorced or single head of household homes and they make marriage work. And he got all that money to get therapy too.


    Some do, but I notice an overwhelming number of people tend to follow in their parent’s footsteps. One of my co-workers was in the bathroom crying because her 14 year old daughter was pregnant and she was lamenting “how could she do this to us” and “she knows how hard we have struggled” and “we finally got a place to live and etc. Her daughter got pregnant at 14 and gave birth at 15 years old, just like she did.

    When she asked her daughter why? Her daughter said that her mother made it, so she figured she would too.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Im still trying to figure out why Kim sticks around, she’s already getting the money for the kids and we know that won’t stop. So, why put your self in a situation where a man clearly will not marry you and will act as though he loves all other females he dates, but you’re on the sideline looking silly?

  • Detroiter4Life


    My sentiments exactly! Sounds like nothing but a bunch of excuses……..all that BS it’s plenty of people out there who grew up in single parent homes to include myself and go on to have healty long lasting marriages! If you want to just to the single thang than do it! Don’t make excuses for it, it’s his life choice we all have them and I also agree with those that stated he needs to stop having all these babies with ole girl if that’s the case but can I ask the question “Doesn’t Kim get to say no to having the childern?” “Why does she continually stick her ass (literally) out there like that?” “Is she truly that blind and stupid?” Okay that was more like 3 questions but she really makes me itch as much as he does! ;p Poor poor kids! ;p

  • Al-Anon

    Diddy really thinks that being a “playa” is being a man!!

  • Sydney

    While Diddy does make a valid point about the influence of growing up with married parents on one’s views of marriage, I believe he’s using this as a convenient crutch. And, as Negrodamus pointed out, you would think that seeing his own single mother struggle should have given Diddy a greater respect for women (although I think his mom has her own set of self-idenity issues, which she passed on to her son).

    All in all, Diddy has been expressing the same viewpoint for years and has proven to be relationship kryptonite, yet women inexplicably still flock to him. So who’s really to blame? Anyone who lies down with this man does so at her own emotional peril. He’s consistent in his pattern of selfishness and abandonment.

  • Detroiter4Life

    @ Al-anon

    There comes a time in your life when you life choices are your own Not your parents. Yes some parents are the most influential people in their kids lives (or at least should be) but when you are damn near 40 plus using yo parents as an excuse as to why you ain’t married is BS the 14 year old is another story because of age and mentality. So that’s more like apple and oranges.

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