F**k The Police: White Off-Duty Cop Fires Shot And Detains Hispanic Teen For Walking On Lawn [Video]

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Off-Duty Cop Caught On Camera Firing Shot To Scare Off Kids On His Lawn

Gonna let you know off rip, this video is gonna piss you off.

According to OCWeekly, an off-duty Anaheim cop has been recorded detaining a 13-year-old boy named Christian who was walking home from school with his friends.

A protest is being called by local police brutality activists tonight at 7 p.m. on the corner of Euclid Street and W. Palais Rd. over yesterday’s incident where an unnamed off-duty LAPD officer pulled a gun and fired near a group of kids walking home from school. In the meantime, a new video has surfaced that begins earlier and shows the cop arguing with the 13-year-old while grabbing a hold of him and his backpack.

The cop claims the teenager threatened to shoot him, although it is unclear whether or not the man identified himself as a police officer. It doesn’t appear that he made such an identification because in the video, you’ll hear the boy say: “I could see if you were a cop, but you’re not!”.

Christian says he was only to standing up for his female friend who the cop allegedly called a “c**t”.

Peep the video below and let us know what you think.

LAPD gonna LAPD…smh.

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