Shook Ones: Nearly 50% Of Latinos Worry They Or Someone They Love Will Be Deported

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Adita Chicas, Jessy Chicas

Almost Half Of Hispanics In The U.S. Polled Worry About Deportation

This probably shouldn’t come as a big surprise to ANYBODY considering there is a madman in the White House who has been plotting to build a wall even before he was elected to the highest office in the nation. Nearly half of Hispanics worry they or one of their loved ones will be deported according to a new Pew Research survey. Another 40% have concerns about their place in the United States.

Of the nearly 57 million Latinos in the U.S., an estimated 66 percent were born here and another 30% are lawful permanent residents according to International Business Times reports via RawStory

As far as the estimated 11 million immigrants (many of whom are Latino) in the US illegally, Trump’s plans to build the wall and have them deported are not sitting so well.

The Pew survey indicated that Latinos without citizenship or green cards were more likely to express concern than those born in the U.S. or with permanent residency. 55% of illegal immigrants expressed concern, while only 38% of US born Hispanics said they worry or have fears.

More surprising, 49% of Hispanics claim they don’t see a change in the situation for Latinos compared to a year ago. 32% say the situation has gotten worse while a very shocking 16% said the situation has improved.

Is it safe to say we’re not sure 16% of the people taking the survey didn’t understand or misread the question?

Here’s where the headline comes in though — 47% of the people polled in the Pew study said they worry a lot or some bout being deported or someone close to them being deported.


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