Ridiculousness: Overly Anxious Goat Only Calms Down While Wearing Duck Costume

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Animal behavior…

Goat With Anxiety Disorder Goes Viral

A goat with a “crippling” anxiety disorder is going viral. The rescuers of a 6-year-old goat named Polly have started an Instagram account to show off their pet who suffers from neurological issues that only seem to subside when she’s dressed like a duck.

Polly’s parents are behind the @GoatsOfAnarchy page that shows the overly anxious goat calmly sleeping in a shopping cart after being swaddled in her trusty duck costume.

The onesie apparently soothes the animal because of the “hugging” quality.

“There are times when she can’t find me and panics,” Leanne Lauricella, founder of Goats of Anarchy, told TODAY. “I used to soothe her with a blanket until I found the duck costume. I bought it for a cute Halloween costume, and quickly realized the calming effect it has on her.”

Polly’s got quite a following; over 397,000 people follow the Goats Of Anarchy page to gawk at Polly and her fellow furry friends.

Ya know, some people are really crazy.

We’ve heard of swaddling animals to help them calm down but who knew that goats can have anxiety disorders.

What do YOU think about Polly the overly anxious goat???


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