Now That We Think About It…Chris Brown Might Have to Do Some Time… He Violated His Probation The Same Night It Was Issued!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Remember on Tuesday of this week when the Judge broke down Chris Browns’ probationary rules and regulations? Well, remember that same night he was pictured above doing what it do at “the club?”

Chris Brown might be sent back to jail for his actions that night:

Chris Brown could live to regret his celebratory night out in Los Angeles hours after he was sentenced for beating up ex-girlfriend – he broke the rules of his probation as he was…

… too young to be in a club. The disgraced singer faced an L.A. Superior court judge on Tuesday (25Aug09) as he was given a five year probation order, as well as six months hard community labour after he was convicted of assaulting his former lover in February (09).
He was also ordered to stay away from Rihanna for the same period of time and to report for community duties within 72-hours of sentencing.
However, Brown shocked fans by showing little remorse over the vicious attack by heading for a night out on the town at West Hollywood hotspot Guys and Dolls. The star even grabbed the mic during the hit Dirty Diana and told the crowd: “There was only one King of Pop. We love you, Michael.” Now he is facing a possible investigation into his actions – as, at 20 years old, he is too young to enter nightclubs and bars in America, according to strict U.S. drinking age limits.  The venue he frequented had a Type 48 liquor licence, meaning it is only a bar or club and not a restaurant.  Los Angeles Probation Department spokeswoman Kari Webb tells E! News, “It (breaking probation) won’t be taken lightly. If you break the law, you’re in trouble.” Despite Brown sticking to water throughout the evening, his entourage ordered 10 bottles of champagne, and he would have only been allowed to stay in the club if he was hired as a performer.

We knew he was breaking the law, the day of the incident, we just didn’t want to dry snitch him out. Now, BOSSIP ear-hustlers tell us that he was seen with a girl in a red dress the whole night, and took her home to chop down. We are wondering if this dude has a new chick yet…


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  • Winona

    Leave this kid alone.

  • Black Heckler

    Stop Dry Snitching

  • Wendy

    wow! They are pressed to catch Chris doing wrong…Poor thing. If he felt like partying than he should have kept it simple at his hotel or house in LA…
    Crazy,Crazy(SMH)…When will he learned.

  • BE


  • olsweetdickwillie (WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO?)

    Well, Chris…welcome to TEAM B..

  • wooh childd

    leave him alone?


    When laws are broken, action must be taken.

    so shut the f u c k up.

  • leogame

    oh boy

  • memchee

    …..hard to believe that him & his handlers would be so careless as to put him in a questionable situation.

  • ann

    Chris Brown is stupid…maybe he didn’t take the Judge seriously. Hard head makes a soft ass…old school saying.

  • lola

    he obviously hasnt learned the lesson the judge was trying to teach him, nor was he remorseful.when will america stop giving celebs special treatment?? he was convicted of a FELONY yet he gets to skip out on probation.put him in jail where he belongs.

  • http://n/a TAJ

    who cares…there is such a thing as an 18&up club or the option of paying a cover charge. i’m 20 myself and hit up plenty of clubs & bars. leave chris alone

  • Alrighty Then...

    club can say he was paid to appear. This is nothing.

  • The fwesh pwince™


  • wow!!

    im 20 years at the bar and clubs all the time..all you need is fake id.

  • Peace Out

    Thanks TAJ and Alrighty then…….my point exactly!!!

    They must don’t get out often themselves!!!!!!!lol

  • kojo

    Where are some of you all from? They have 18 to party, 21 to drink nightclubs all over the country! If you are legally able to drink, they’ll give u a wristband or something…in some cases they’ll only let in 18+ year old girls, but make it 21+ for the guys (to balance out the ratio so it’s no sausage fest). In Chris Brown’s case, this spot may not follow that rule so who knows…

  • Mileka

    NEW CASSIE – “CAN U FEEL ME”. Click on my name to listen/download!!! 🙂

  • T

    Back date a contract saying he was a secret performer?

    I am too good at this.

  • one time

    I am so sick of hearing about his shit. Get off of this man’s nut sack damn. Black people are never allowed to forget their trespasses,which is bullshit. Can we deport Rihanna?

  • one time


  • Journey

    Wow, this kids needs a real manager and some guidance. His staff should know better.

  • mz blacque

    According to other media outlets, the only way Chris would be allowed in the club under age is if he had a scheduled appearance. Hence the night club issued the following statement:

    A rep for the club tells TMZ “Chris Brown was at Guys and Dolls for a scheduled personal appearance. A good time was had by all.”

    Too, he ate and drank water all night!

  • Sarah

    @rayna – let hum breathe? BREATHE? You mean he’s choking or something and can’t breathe? Wait, ISN’T THAT WHAT HE DID TO RIHANNA? I’m sick of his breathing in general, to be frank.



  • Emma

    aww big deal

    NOT !

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