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Lauryn Hill Pushes Pittsburgh Performance Back Due To “Scheduling Conflicts”

Why does Lauryn Hill even bother trying to perform anymore? Might be time to start a business or something.

According to the Post-Gazette, L-Boogie has postponed a “make-up” concert that she was supposed to do after showing up more than 3 hours late to a January performance where she dragged her triflin’ azz on stage at 11:20pm for a concert that was supposed to start at 8pm.

Longtime promoter Jon Rinaldo, who is the current talent buyer for Diesel, said, “As a promoter, I would just run away from this one: pass, pass and pass. It’s a shame that people who are fans of her have to suffer like this. There is something seriously wrong here and the Cultural Trust should raise hell with her management.”

Lauryn gotta give it up. Call it quits. There are plenty of other things she could be doing. Parking meters need checking. Groceries need bagging. Oil needs to be changed. Garbage bags need collecting. Don’t be mad, UPS is hiring.

Shame on people who continue to enable L-Boogie’s disrespectful behavior by buying tickets to her never-gonna-happen concerts.

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